New Orleans Concrete Contractor Discusses the Importance of Doing Home Foundations the Right Way

Big Easy Concrete, a reputable concrete contractor in New Orleans, has skilled crews that are experts when it comes to forming and finishing concrete home foundations. This is a concrete service that those at the company take very seriously because they know how important it is to get it right. They realize that a mistake of even a fraction of an inch in a foundation’s dimensions can present big problems for the home builders later on. Their crews put in whatever effort it takes to install quality foundations that are meant to last a lifetime.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Everybody knows that a home’s foundation has to be strong but there are a lot more reasons for that than people think. Many general contractors will go as far as to tell you a foundation is the single most important feature on any home. That’s why it’s a concrete service that we offer that requires strict attention to detail at all times. We are constantly taking plumb and level checks and other measurements throughout the process to make sure that each foundation we do comes out as close to perfect as possible. It’s the reason why so many home builders in the New Orleans area won’t trust anyone but us to do their foundations for them.”

According to the company spokesperson, a typical foundation has to support the weight of homes that average 50 tons or more. That’s why in addition to a foundation being constructed and reinforced very solidly, it must also be constructed in a way that it resists the movement of the earth around it. This will help a foundation stay intact during periods of severe and extremely wet weather. He says a foundation also has to be poured in such a way that moisture cannot pass through it and it even has to be thick enough to provide insulation against extreme cold and hot temperatures. This is one of the main reasons that concrete has become the material of choice for foundations now as opposed to the poor air and moisture sealing the stone, brick, and concrete block materials that were used extensively for foundations in the past. Over 80% of the foundations that are being made these days use concrete and that percentage is only expected to grow. Big Easy Concrete also recognizes the importance of compacting the crushed stone under the foundation before it’s formed and they do their pours in an uninterrupted manner whenever possible. The company spokesperson went on to compare concrete foundation building to that of tailoring a fine suit because all of the parts have to come together perfectly for it to fit. He says that they also have a solid reputation when it comes to forming and pouring foundations for commercial buildings.

Foundations are not the only type of concrete work that Big Easy Concrete’s crews are meticulous when doing. The company spokesperson stated that they are often requested to do such concrete tasks as installing curbs & gutters, pouring slabs & patios, and building concrete drainage networks. Their crews are also very proficient when it comes to doing concrete paving and concrete demolition & removal. He mentioned that they have well-trained and experienced crews that know how to do such important concrete building steps as ordering the proper concrete mix, determining pour locations, and then finishing the poured concrete. This company’s workmanship has also been highly praised by those that have used their concrete services. Katie Dyer wrote, “Most professional concrete work I have ever experienced. The contractors were honest and timely with the cleanup. The job was performed efficiently and as contracted. I would highly recommend them!”

Big Easy Concrete is a local New Orleans contractor that offers completely free estimates on all of its services. They are also fully licensed and insured and that includes Louisiana State insured workmanship. The company spokesperson described the company’s philosophy as one that is ‘Dedicated to bringing quality concrete services to those in New Orleans at Reasonable Rates’. He added that those who are interested in finding the best concrete contractor in NOLA, are welcome to call them, send them an email, or fill out the quote form that’s found on the homepage of their website.


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