New Kyber Digital Blog Compares Divvy Vs. Ramp: Expense Reporting Companies

Kyber Digital is a 360º marketing management firm that specializes in helping small businesses increase their online presence and generate more sales leads because of this. This company also recognizes that the key to its success lies in the success of its clients. That’s why Kyber Digital makes it a point to let its clients know all of the tools that are available to help those small businesses operate more efficiently and increase their bottom line. A good example of this is the company recently posted a blog article on its website that compares two popular expense reporting platforms Divvy and Ramp. This blog article can be seen here at Those at Kyber Digital, including the CEO, Jay Miller, felt this blog was important to write because they have the opinion that a business that uses a good expense reporting platform will function more effectively.

Miller stated, “Here at Kyber Digital we are in the business of helping small companies create demand for their products and services. Much of this center’s around web design and an increased web presence but we help in other ways too. Our experience tells us that there are several key areas in a business that help make marketing decisions easier. One of those is to have the means to come up with accurate expense reporting. This enables a company to better determine profitability and to establish a much clearer business plan. That’s why we took the time to create a blog which gives an overview of two of the most popular expense reporting platforms that are available; Divvy and Ramp.”

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This new blog which is titled ‘Expense Reporting for Companies: Divvy vs. Ramp’, first did an overview of Divvy. The blog described Divvy as a company that not only offers smart card technology but also uses advanced software to help its clients with comprehensive spend management. According to the blog article, Divvy is also completely free with no hidden costs. They can do this because they get a fee from a merchant when a customer uses the company’s Divvy Corporate Card. Highlight features of this platform include being able to help businesses with such aspects as approval workflow, expense tracking, budgeting & forecasting, and receipt management. All of this leads to improved spend analysis and spend control. Many businesses also find Divvy’s prepaid cards helpful when it comes to tracking and controlling expenses. The article states that the bottom line on Divvy is that they can help any size business manage & establish credit and simplify its expense management & reporting. All of which has the added benefit of being able to do improved budgeting.

According to this new blog which was posted to Kyber digital’s website (located at, Ramp is also a very well-thought-of expense reporting platform. It also uses a corporate card to help medium to small size businesses better manage their time and money. This is a fee-based platform that offers three levels of service; Essential, Platform, and Enterprise. The article describes these levels as good, better, and best. Some of the services that Ramp offers include approval workflow, approval process control, expense tracking, and budgeting & forecasting. This expense reporting platform can also help businesses with their multi-currency needs, prepaid card service, procurement management, and receipt management. This will enable Ramp clients to do a more detailed spend analysis to undertake more effective spend control and supplier management steps. The Kyber Digital Blog stated that the bottom line on Ramp is that they can easily help small to medium size businesses save time and money because these businesses will be better able to manage and report expenses.

This blog article ended with a side-by-side comparison chart of Divvy versus Ramp. It also mentioned that both companies are always constantly updating their services and although it did not choose which platform is best, it did indicate that the fact that Divvy was a free service was very appealing.

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