New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer Christine Matus Explain How New Jersey Real Estate Transactions Work

New Jersey real estate lawyer Christine Matus releases a new article ( that explains how real estate transactions work in New Jersey. The lawyer mentions that purchasing or selling a home may be one of the most important decisions one can make in their life.

According to the New Jersey real estate lawyer, “But a home is so much more than just an investment. It is also the place where you raise your family, protect their future, and ensure a prosperous retirement and a legacy for future generations.”

New Jersey real estate lawyer

The lawyer explains that whether someone is buying or selling real estate, they need the legal advice of an experienced real estate attorney to ensure that their transaction will go smoothly. In New Jersey, there is a 3-day review period before someone is legally bound under a real estate contract.

Attorney Matus also adds that after reviewing the contract, the real estate lawyer may be able to guide the client and help them understand the disclosures, title commitments, inspections and property repairs, mortgage approvals, and other complex issues surrounding the real estate transaction.

In the new article, real estate lawyer Christine Matus discusses that the purchase and sale of a commercial property can be tough and complicated. Having a skilled real estate attorney may be able to help with issues such as leasing, landlord issues, tax issues, financing, build-outs, real estate litigation, and property management and associations.

Additionally, attorney Matus also says that property taxes are used to pay for important community services. However, no one would like to pay more than they have to. As for the sale of small businesses, the lawyer says that there will be many matters that would need the help of an experienced real estate attorney.

Furthermore, the lawyer enumerates how a real estate lawyer may be able to help. A lawyer may be able to help with contract breaches, title remedies, real estate easement disputes, property owner disputes, and tenancy disputes.

Lastly, the New Jersey real estate attorney encourages a client to seek the help of an experienced attorney when dealing with real estate transactions. A skilled lawyer may be able to help the client understand their rights and ensure that the transaction will go through smoothly.

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