New Jersey Man Recovers from Addiction and Thanks Legacy Healing Center for a Life Changing Experience

Cherry Hill, NJ - The isolating experience of active addiction can create a life that feels disconnected from everyone and everything. This isolation can make recovery difficult unless a hand is extended to help a person out from the dark and into a caring, compassionate environment where healing and recovery can flourish.

James, a recent patient at Legacy Healing Center in Cherry Hill, NJ, discovered how impactful the support of a quality addiction treatment center can be. In his 5-star Google review of Legacy Healing Center, he said, “I am at a loss for words regarding my appreciation of the staff here.”

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According to James, his experience at the Cherry Hill addiction treatment center was “life-changing.” He emphasized just how appreciative he was for every person and therapist that was involved with his recovery from addiction. For James, the support that he received from the dedicated healthcare professionals and staff members at Legacy Healing Center was what really made the difference.

In an interview, CEO and Chief Clinical Director of Legacy Healing Center, David Levin, said, “What separates us from a lot of the other programs in this space, I believe, is that we really care about our clients. We want clients to feel comfortable. We want them to feel like they are deserving of a nice facility and certainly that they can have fun in their new life free from alcohol or other chemicals, but it’s the staff that really makes the difference; from the therapists to our owners down to our janitors. Our credo is We are Ladies and Gentlemen Caring for Ladies and Gentlemen.”

James continues to benefit from the caring support that Legacy Healing Center has continued to provide him even after completing his addiction treatment program. The behavioral health center, through its compassion and expertise, is an excellent place for anyone to gain the tools required to overcome addiction.

Anyone in need of help with substance use disorder can speak directly with a treatment specialist at any time by calling (888) 534-2295. Visit to learn more.


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