New Jersey Man Believed He Was Beaten by Addiction Until He Found Hope at Legacy Healing Center

Cherry Hill, NJ - The cycle of substance abuse can seem endless at times. Even when there is a will to beat addiction, the mental health disorder can make efforts of sobriety seem in vain when attempted alone. Daniel V. was on the brink of giving up on recovering from addiction before he was able to find a way to sustain his sobriety through Legacy Healing Center in Cherry Hill.

In a recent 5-star Google review, Daniel said, “I was beaten by my addiction coming in, not knowing where to turn to, what to do next, or what was going to happen.”

Fortunately, Daniel discovered Legacy Healing Center in Florida where he went through a medically supervised alcohol detox program. Since alcohol withdrawal symptoms can become so severe that they are life-threatening, the alcohol detox program helped him to safely manage his symptoms – an important first step toward recovery.

This was the start of Daniel’s recovery journey and with the success of his detox program, he decided to use the momentum to further his recovery through treatment at Legacy Healing Center’s Cherry Hill, NJ addiction treatment center where he would continue to have access to personalized alcohol rehab treatment closer to home.

Through a comprehensive addiction treatment program that was focused on providing a range of treatments to effectively treat the underlying causes of addiction, Daniel was able to start enjoying himself again without alcohol. As someone who had given up hope, this was a welcome surprise for Daniel. “Legacy showed me how to have fun and enjoy myself without drinking. This place has restored so much hope in my lost soul,” he said.

Legacy helped Daniel to rediscover the hope he thought he had lost. As the effects of alcohol use disorder begin to fade, it opens the door to healthy ways of thinking, allowing for fulfillment and joy to return. Daniel credits his success in recovery to the compassionate help that he received from the behavioral health technicians and clinical staff that supported him through his recovery journey. “From the techs that help you on a daily basis, to the people in the office they are the best that you could ever hope for,” he said.

Legacy Healing Center understands that substance use disorder can strip away a person’s hope and motivation. They also know that this is a condition that effective treatment models and behavioral therapy can help to overcome.

Alcohol addiction is a treatable mental health disorder and the specialized alcohol treatment programs that Legacy Healing Center provides can help to turn the tide even when the person suffering from addiction doesn’t think that it can be overcome.

In his review, Daniel encouraged others still in the grips of active addiction to reach out for help. “If you need help please reach out to them, they truly are ladies and gentlemen, helping ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, I love you guys so much.”

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