New Jersey Estate Planning Attorneys from Matus Law Group Receives Another Favorable Client Testimonial

New Jersey -- The Matus Law Group has represented clients in New Jersey for over 20 years. They have been representing them in estate planning, special need planning, elder planning, and asset protection. Christine Matus and her team have been devoted to the communities they serve and their families over the years. This has allowed them to provide a unique and compassionate approach to legacy planning and estate planning.

"We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of employees at Matus Law Group. It's not just a job, it's a passion. Our life's work, we believe, is to help people preserve their future and their loved ones. We are passionate about what we do every day," said the estate planning attorney. "We believe that we go beyond what most people expect of their legal representatives, and we have created something truly unique at Matus Law Group."

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Ms. Matus is the founder of the law firm and has a close connection to the special needs community. Ms. Matus is the mother of a Down syndrome daughter and has dedicated a large portion of her practice to special-needs families and their financial and estate planning requirements. She provides education and information on the unique needs of households and helps to increase knowledge about new resources. She is a highly skilled estate planning attorney and provides vital information to families with special needs so they feel confident about the future.

Matus Law Firm works with regional specialists to offer information and webinars online that educate the public on finances, estate planning, as well as what to expect for the future. With an Avvo Rating rating of 10.0, the firm has been on the Law Firm 500 for the past three years. They continue to receive praises, positive testimonials, and reviews from their customers regarding their services.

Elisa Kethley from New Jersey states: "The firm was well prepared for the multiple steps in closing in the pandemic situation."

Matus Law Group is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve and their families. We work together and treat our clients like family. Ms. Matus said that each member of the firm brings their own understanding and has the empathy and understanding to provide personalized and mindful care to clients. "We value our clients just as much as they appreciate me, and it shows in the representation we provide as well as the ongoing relationships we can build with the families."

Individuals and families seek out those who are able to provide empathy and legal knowledge when it comes to estate planning and future preparation. Christine Matus and her talented team of estate planning lawyers at Matus Law Group are proud of their ability to make a positive difference in their clients' lives. The Matus Law Group can be found at


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