New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney Christine Matus Discusses the Essentials of Estate Planning

New Jersey - Estate Planning Attorney Christine Matus has released a new article that talks about the details and importance of estate planning. She mentions how extremely important it is to protect the assets that an individual has built up over years of hard work. She also emphasizes the need for an estate planning lawyer because estate planning can be tough work for someone not well-versed in the laws that surround it.

Attorney Christine Matus also mentions in her article that an estate plan will help protect property, any losses due to divorce, and other financial threats, and it can take care of any end-of-life decisions in case the owner should become terminally ill.

Estate Planning Attorney

Another thing she discusses in her new article is that hiring an estate planning attorney can offer peace of mind when it comes to matters of an individual's assets and wealth. There are a lot of documents that are needed when it comes to estate planning which stresses the need to have quality legal advice.

Ms. Matus also talks about the five essential estate planning documents that needed no matter the size of the estate or an individual's age, health, or wealth circumstances are. These documents include a will, a durable power of attorney, a healthcare power of attorney, a living will or advanced medical directives, and a revocable living trust.

In this article, attorney Christine Matus also explains the difference between a Will and a revocable living trust. She goes on to discuss that a will sets out the wishes of an individual when he or she dies and a revocable living trust takes effect immediately. In a revocable living trust, individuals are in full control of all their properties on the trust until they pass away or become incapacitated.

Additionally, the estate planning attorney also mentions that when assets are not put into trusts they will be subject to the probate process when the owner passes away. She adds that this could take more time, cost more money, and have a longer timeline to administer the owner’s wishes.

Attorney Christine Matus also outlines the six common mistakes that people make when they’re planning their future. This includes, not having an estate plan in place, having an outdated will, not coordinating their beneficiaries, making their children joint owners of their assets, and not putting disability plans into place.

In this new article, Ms. Matus emphasizes that having a skilled New Jersey estate planning attorney during this process can not only make it easier but will also help individuals understand better the options available for them.

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