New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney Christine Matus Discusses Health Care Proxy

New Jersey estate planning attorney Christine Matus releases a new article ( that explains how someone can become a health care proxy. The lawyer mentions that in New Jersey, a health care proxy is also called a health care power of attorney. This is a form that legally authorizes someone else to make important decisions about the health of another person if they’re not able to do so.

According to the New Jersey estate planning attorney, “Although you may think that your loved ones know what you would want should you ever be in this position, that is not always the case, especially when it comes to end-of-life matters. At a highly emotional time, this can overwhelm family members and lead to a lot of conflicts.”

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In the new blog post, the lawyer mentions that according to research, one out of three adults in the United States has legally designated a health care proxy.

Attorney Christine Matus also adds that in emergency cases, care providers will take immediate measures to keep us alive. However, after such an emergency, someone may need to make important decisions on behalf of the patient. If there’s no one appointed to make such important decisions for the patient, the state will be the one to appoint a person to do so.

Additionally, according to the estate planning lawyer, “While your power of attorney document can be as specific as you feel comfortable with, a health care proxy can make a wide variety of decisions on your behalf, depending on its terms.”

The lawyer explains that a health care proxy may be able to make medical decisions such as what medical care and treatments the patient will receive, including hospital care, home care, and psychiatric treatment. These medical decisions also include which doctors will provide that care, where the patient will receive care in the way of long-term care, assisted living, nursing home care, and who takes care of the patient daily on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, the duty of a health care proxy may depend on how broad or specific the person making it wants. However, the lack of specificity can be the root of disagreements between the agent and the patient’s loved ones, especially when it’s about health care matters.

Lastly, attorney Christine Matus wants to emphasize that having the advice and guidance of a New Jersey estate planning attorney helps when developing a comprehensive health care proxy so these matters can be understood and provided for in advance.

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