New Heights Funding Service Offers Unsecured Business Funding

New Heights Funding Service has announced that they specialize in offering solutions for businesses and people who are finding it difficult to get the necessary funding. For instance, business start-ups often have difficulties in getting the funds that they require because banks and other financial institutions regard them as risky ventures. New Heights Funding Service offers gap funding with straightforward processing to help the client get the needed funds as quickly as possible.

Michael Pardon from New Heights Funding Service says, “You need an alternative funding choice that helps you get your business started. This funding is unsecured, which means it doesn’t have any upfront application fees. You will have to pay a success fee of 15%, which is a one-time, tax-deductible fee. We charge this fee because of our negotiations, and the unique financial services that we offer our customers. We provide a unique funding option for traditional lending.”

The funding service that they provide is unparalleled compared to other institutions in that they make use of proprietary software that enables them to provide an average of 80 percent more than what clients can get on their own with a single institution or when going to a number of different institutions. New Heights Funding Service works with more than 220 banks, financial institutions, and other methods of obtaining funds to help their clients get the gap funding that they require. It is through “capital stacking” that the company is able to get the flexible financing that their clients needs. Capital stacking is a technique of working with a number of different lenders on each client’s file.

The use of several lenders can be advantageous for the client by allowing access to more funds. And most of all, the money doesn’t have a specific time frame for paying it back. This kind of flexibility is what is very much needed for a business that is just starting. And it is not asset-based, which gives the client peace of mind. There is also no prepayment penalty and there is not required lump sum payment.

Michael Pardon explains, “This funding is ideal as a permanent funding solution to help you start and grow your business. Our financing can be treated much like a line of credit, but it is in fact an unsecured cash that offers you more flexibility than other similar options on the market today. We offer funding with a 3, 5, or 7-year amortization schedule with interest rates starting at 6% and typically ranging between 10% and 18%. Interest rates are strictly credit driven. Contact us today to get the funding needed to run a business.”

They do have a number of requirements for clients who require gap funding for a business start-up. These include a minimum credit score of 680; a minimum of three established credit lines; no more than six inquiries during the past six months; no new revolving accounts or lines of credits within the past six months; a minimum of six months on the same job with two years of employment; ideally, no more than 50 percent credit usage or an overall DTI; ideally, with no bankruptcy on record; and ideally a W2 hourly salary employee with a minimum of $30,000 a year.

Aside from offering gap funding for business start-ups, New Heights Funding Service can also offer their funding services for real estate investing, working capital, and personal use. For real estate investors, they can could get the needed funds to start investing, as long as their credit score is at least 680. The amount can be paid back within three, five, or seven years, with interest rates starting at 6 percent, and typically ranging between 10 to 18 percent. There is no prepayment penalty, nor does the client need to have any out of pocket expenses.

Those who are interested in obtaining funding for business start-ups of other purposes may want to check out the New Heights Funding Service website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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