New Genesis Tree Service Blog Answers the Question if It’s OK to Do Spring Tree Trimming

Genesis Tree Service of Centreville is a company that likes to helps its customers by giving them helpful tree care advice whenever possible. Much of this advice comes in the form of blogs that are posted on its website. Their latest blog answers the question of whether or not it’s OK to undertake spring tree trimming. It provides some helpful insight for those that feel the spring growth cycle has left some of the trees in their yard overgrown and they want to do something about it.

Moises Montiel, a company spokesperson, says, “Spring is not always the ideal time to undertake tree pruning and trimming. That’s usually best done in the late fall when tree growth is more dormant. Please don’t mistake that for meaning that spring tree pruning and trimming should never be undertaken by homeowners or tree care professionals. That’s because there are ways that it can safely be done in the spring and in some cases, it may even be recommended. Our newly posted blog article talks about the do’s and don’ts of spring tree trimming in much more detail.

Tree trimming services in Centreville by Genesis Tree Service

In this new blog post titled ‘Is It Okay to Prune Trees in the Spring?’, the article starts by saying that spring tree trimming and pruning are generally undertaken in situations where tree health is at stake or proper tree shaping cannot wait until the fall. This includes removing branches that are dead or dying so they do not become riddled with disease or a breeding ground for insects. The blog post points out that it’s important to take a minimalist approach to spring tree trimming and pruning. That includes not removing more than 10% of a tree’s branches in the process. It also talked about how newly planted young trees can benefit from tree trimming because it can improve their structure and shape. The blog mentioned that some trees which make good candidates for spring tree trimming include maple, walnut, and birch trees because they ooze sap during the winter months if they are trimmed in the fall. This is very bothersome to some homeowners. It also strongly advises against trimming and pruning oak, elm, sycamore, and honeylocust trees in the spring. The newly posted blog article wrapped up by stating that it’s best to consult tree care professionals such as those at their service if anyone has any doubts as to whether or not they should undertake spring tree trimming and pruning

Montiel went on to say that if someone in Centerville, VA, or the surrounding areas does not want to take on spring tree trimming work themselves, their company is there to help. They offer a wide variety of expert tree trimming and pruning services. This includes regular pruning which is undertaken to remove dead or dying branches and to help keep trees from becoming overgrown. He mentioned that they also offer crown thinning which allows healthy air, moisture, and sunlight to penetrate further into a tree, and crown raising which removes low hanging branches to keep them from becoming a danger to people, buildings, and vehicles. The crews at Genesis Tree Service are also very good at doing crown reduction which helps better shape a tree and checks the growth of its height around such obstacles as building overhangs and power lines. Other popular spring tree services that this Centerville-based company offers include tree removal. Something which the company spokesperson strongly advises against non-professionals attempting to do themselves. He stated that they are even very good at removing the stumps that have been left behind after they have taken down a tree. They also will respond very quickly to those who have Spring storm-related yard cleanup needs or need any type of emergency tree services done for them.

Those that would like more advice from this company on spring tree trimming and pruning or would like to take a look at some of their other helpful tree care blogs, can visit their website and click on the blog menu option at the top of their homepage.


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