New Free Blueprint Shows Google My Business Optimization Strategy for Its Safety Section for 2020 and Beyond has released a free blueprint that shows business owners how to leverage the new Health & Safety section of Google My Business listings. The goal of this Google My Business Optimization blueprint is to increase the number of customers and keep them coming back because of videos that let customers know the business is COVID safe and to provide Google with a better reason to increase the business’ search engine rankings by emphasizing that they are observing the latest CDC mandated COVID-19 health and safety measures on their GMB listing.

Consider Video has created three videos showing COVID safety practices of a particular business by applying their knowledge about social media disruption, online marketing, and radio. The professional voice overs for the videos were created using disruptive “sound wave” technology to capture people’s attention. Each video has been designed to be disruptive and get the public’s attention to let everyone know that the business is open and safe. And because Google is currently giving preference to businesses that have safety protocols clearly stated, putting emphasis on the Healthy & Safety section of the GMB listings will allow for better search engine rankings.

CDC Compliant Covid-19 Safety Videos

The purpose of the Health & Safety section is to show clearly that the business is doing everything possible to keep both customers and staff safe from the virus. For the safety protocols, Google offers five options and the business can choose those that are appropriate for the business. These new attributes will help in reassuring customers and making it clear that safety protocols are being followed. These attributes will be seen for the business’ GMB listing on both desktop and mobile to help customers realize that such precautions are being followed, assuring them that they are safe when they do visit the establishment.

Consider Video is offering three professionally created COVID safety videos using cutting-edge “audio wave” technology to make them disruptive and cut through the noise to let people know that the business is open and ensuring the safety of customers. Each video will be personalized for a particular business, using their images, logo and phone number to make it easy for the people to contact the business. The videos are delivered within four to seven business days after the order is placed. The videos will be sent to the customer via email and the videos can be downloaded and placed on GMB listings, Yelp listings, other social media platforms, and business website. These videos are in the popular social media square format to ensure that they can easily be included in social media pages.

Naturally, people are still unsure if they are safe going to a particular establishment and get a particular product or service. With the daily reports on infections, it is the public’s perception that there is indeed a risk of getting infected with the virus if safety protocols, such as the CDC guidelines, are not followed. There’s a lot of evidence that people really care about the information about the safety protocols being followed by a particular establishment. Many people are still nervous about entering stores and various establishments like dental offices, medical clinics, car repair shops, and more.

Simply posting a notice on the business’ website that COVID safety protocols are being followed is not enough. This is because most people don’t usually visit a business’ website but they all use social media. However, on social media networks people are so used to encountering ads that there is now the issue of ad and banner blindness. Only about 8 percent of viewers of an online ad can remember anything about it. This is why using the Health & Safety section of a business’ GMB listing can assure people that it is safe for them to go and visit the establishment.

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