New Dexkit Community Update Streamed On 11/27

DEXKIT recently shared a new update regarding their platform and its recent achievements. As the team at DEXKIT believes in maintaining a high degree of transparency with their community, they make it a point to regularly share insight on the platform’s milestones and new developments. Visit the company’s official website here:

In keeping with the platform’s foundations in open source technology, the team at DEXKIT recently hosted a livestream through which they delivered their community update. While the livestream was originally hosted on Zoom, the roughly 26-minute stream is now freely available on their Youtube page as well (and links to this video are also accessible through the company’s various social media channels).

In the update, DEXKIT lead developer João Campos delves into the platform’s recent activities. This includes the success of their token sales, the launch of DEXKIT Aggregator (their first product), the partnerships they have managed to build so far as well as information on how new parties may partner with the team, the various strategies that DEXKIT has implemented in their marketing efforts (including their vision for the near future) and additional details regarding the platform’s overall development.

DEXKIT is also promoting their swap aggregator platform as well as advertising the benefit of low fees if certain conditions are met, such as when users hold KIT tokens. Additionally, Campos draws attention to the fact that the DEXKIT community is continuing to grow at an appreciable pace — and trading volume on the swap aggregator is on a steady uptrend. This community update, which was the first scheduled by the team since the inception of their project, covers a specific period of their work, the previous two weeks. From here on out, Campos states that project developers will be releasing community updates regarding their progress and the platform’s growth every two weeks.

Those interested in keeping up with more timely updates are welcome to follow the team’s official handle on Twitter, which can be found here: This space allows them to offer their community more granular insight on their work as well as communicate with prospective partners who choose to reach out through this medium. The DEXKIT team looks forward to working with new individuals and entities who wish to learn how they can incorporate the DEXKIT Aggregator into their own projects (regardless of their needs or the size of their projects). Twitter users will also find a quick link to the full community update on Youtube on DEXKIT’S feed (posted around November 28).

Regarding the DEXKIT Aggregator, for instance, Campos explains that he sees this product as a kind of proof-of-concept that demonstrates that their business model can be successful. “We are not only an aggregator,” he says, urging viewers to look up the company’s roadmap (available on their website). He continues, “We started with the aggregator; we already have lots of volume, we already have lots of partners, and we will be onboarding more partners.”

Campos then acknowledges that many in the DEXKIT community are eager to see the platform flourish, highlighting that several members cannot wait to see the roadmap completed. “We assure you that the roadmap will be fulfilled,” he states, asserting that he already has all the information he needs to see the project to fruition.

At the moment, however, the team strongly believes that their project already shows a great deal of promise. The aggregator alone, Campos says, has gained a great deal of volume over a matter of weeks, and their first sharp jump in numbers corresponds closely with the onboarding of a new partner. If this trend holds, the product may continue to leap forward with each new partner who joins, further cementing its importance and giving the team more room to work on the rest of their project (including the Exchange, NFT Marketplace, Dashboard and so on).

Campos firmly states that there is much more in the works, and the community should not assume the aggregator is the sole extent of their efforts. Those who wish to look up the full video and examine Campos’ comments for themselves are welcome to watch the update on the DEXKIT Youtube channel. More information on DEXKIT and other related topics can also be found on the company’s website. Get involved with the company’s products here:


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