New Choice Men's Health Article Talks About the Role Stress Plays in Erectile Dysfunction

Atlanta's leading men's health clinic, Choice Men's Health, is well-known for the personalized erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments that it designs for its patients. The men's health clinic also likes to be a useful information source when it comes to helping people learn more about male erectile dysfunction. One of the ways that Choice Men's Health accomplishes this is by regularly posting erectile dysfunction-related blogs on its website. An example of this is this men's health clinic's latest article titled 'How Does Stress Affect Erectile Dysfunction?'. It's a blog article that goes into detail about the role stress may play when it comes to sexual health.

The newly posted Choice Men's Health blog started by mentioning that research shows that up to 25% of men that experience erectile dysfunction also claim to suffer from depression and anxiety. This is a connection that medical professionals and researchers are starting to learn more about every day. The article went on to describe erectile dysfunction as not being able to have satisfying sexual intercourse due to the inability to maintain an erection, a problem that's usually caused by low blood flow. It also describes this as a condition that impacts over 30 million men of all ages.


The new article also stated that erectile dysfunction can be due to physical and psychological issues or both and one of the main psychological causes is stress. A body under stress must be able to alter itself to continue to function normally, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. This is especially true when someone suffers from anxiety which lasts much longer than when someone is under temporary stress. Anxiety was described in the article as "feelings of worry, nervousness, or unease about something that has an uncertain outcome." Stress and anxiety can manifest themselves into several different physical ailments and one of them is erectile dysfunction. Many times, a person under stress, even though aroused in their brain, has a disconnect to their physical self that will not allow them to obtain or maintain a proper erection.

The Choice Men's Health blog says that four types of stress are often the cause of this. It mentioned these as being psychological stress, professional stress, performance anxiety, and the stress caused by life events. It also stated in the blog that men who suffer from stress-related erectile dysfunction often make matters worse by turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms. The blog ended by stating that a professional men's health clinic such as theirs has an excellent track record of helping those that suffer from erectile dysfunction. This Choice Men's Health recent blog post can be read in its entirety here at

Choice Men's Health says that the key to their ED treatments is that a one-size-fits-all approach to solving erectile dysfunction issues simply does not work. That's why they take a more personal approach to their treatments. So instead of fitting patients into certain ED treatments, they instead tailor ED treatments to fit each patient's sexual health issues. This has helped make the clinic highly successful when it comes to treating their patients that are experiencing erectile dysfunction. He says the confidence that they have in their specialized ED treatments is also why they have no problem guaranteeing that a patient will experience positive results on their very first visit to Choice Men's Health.

Those who have sought help from Choice Men's Health have been happy with not only the treatments that they received but also with the sensitive way this clinic approaches its services. One reviewer stated, "First and foremost, these guys will make you feel at home. ED is very embarrassing; it makes you feel like you are not a man. The treatment I got here was incredible & the staff was reassuring and very understanding." Another reviewer proclaimed, "Good experience overall. I've had ED for over 10 years and they resolved my issue in one hour! What a great way to start this new year! The office was nice and clean, and I didn't have to wait long. So excited to have this part of my life back!"

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