New Chiropractic Patient Acquisition System Now Available for Testing by One Chiropractic Office in Tacoma

Dover, Delaware -

Matt G Tarrant is pleased to announce that My Nearby Chiro Tacoma, a new patient acquisition system for chiropractors, is set to be tested by just one out of the 155 chiropractic offices listed on Google Maps for Tacoma, WA. Only one chiropractic office in Tacoma will be allowed to test drive the new marketing system, which is based on the principles of Matt Tarrant’s “Heart-Centered Hyper-Local Chiropractic Patient Acquisition” system. My Nearby Chiro Tacoma will be working closely with the chosen chiropractic office to help them recount their best patients’ “stories of hope and transformation,” or how their patients who have been suffering from pain were able to get their lives back after treatment. The names of these patients will not be revealed to protect their privacy. But these patients tend to be the ones who respond well to treatment and are easy to work with, which means that they are the “perfect” patients for that chiropractic office.

Matt Tarrant says, “While you might think that the core of Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition is the Hyper-Local virtual offices, the Backup Ad Campaigns, the Faithfull Follow Up, it’s none of these. The core is your heart and your stories and translating them from professional doctor speak to everyday patient speak. But that’s not all. They also need to be polished to become: stories people lose themselves in; stories that soothe like balm; and stories that compel calls and boost bookings.”

Perfect patients for one chiropractor in Tacoma

My Nearby Chiro Tacoma will be presenting these stories in front of the residents of Tacoma and this will result into a stream of new “perfect” patients for the chiropractic office. The chiropractor, aside from recounting those stories about their patients will not have to do anything except offer treatment for the new patients. The first five new patients sent to the chiropractic office will be free. Using the national average of the first year value of a patient estimated at $750, a total of $3,750 will basically be provided to the chiropractic office for the storytelling and for testing the system before they finally decide to invest in it. Chiropractors who want to know more (in Tacoma, or other cities) can text “DC28” to (857) 776-3443.

Matt Tarrant explains that his Heart-Centered Hyper-Local Chiropractic Patient Acquisition system is a brand new method for chiropractors to demonstrate their love for people who are experiencing so much pain that the quality of their lives have been affected. The impact of the storytelling is that people in Tacoma will develop more trust in the chiropractic office, which allows chiropractors to establish that important connection with people, who will ultimately become their patients. With people feeling confident about the trustworthiness of the chiropractor, they will gladly allow themselves to be treated and get healed. And in some way, the chiropractors will also be healing themselves by enabling themselves to link their business thoughts to their passion to help people be free from the pain and transform the patients’ lives, letting them to finally have a great quality of life.

Matt Tarrant was a fellow at the Centre for High Energy Physics (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, when he met a number of people who were working for a small US-based startup company. That paved the way for his joining the company when they started their first office in Europe, in Germany. But he later discovered that the company was losing money, so he offered his help and he ultimately succeeded in making the company profitable after six months. And the next year, he succeeded in doubling the targeted net profit to about $5.4 million. When he joined another company, he was able to show that he could build online businesses with average success. At present, he specializes in developing profit machines for business owners.

Chiropractors interested in learning more about the new marketing system for chiropractors can check out the My Nearby Chiro Tacoma website at which is a template site that will be configured with stories of hope and transformation. For those who are interested, text “DC28” to (857) 776-3443.


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