New CDMG Video Goes Over 5 Questions Companies Need to Consider Before Buying A Metal Building

CDMG, a leader in the pre-engineered metal building industry, has just released a new YouTube video. This video point outs 5 questions that every company needs to consider before committing to buying a pre-engineered metal building. CMDG made this video because they realize that more often than ever, companies choose to buy steel buildings because of the flexibility, durability, and value they offer. They state that by answering these questions, a company can then make a pre-engineered metal building purchase that meets their immediate needs and helps the project proceed smoothly from conception to completion.

The very first question that the video asks prospective steel building buyers to consider is 'what are the zoning requirements where their pre-engineered metal building is going to be built.' In the video, it was pointed out that this is usually different in many areas of the country. Adherence to these building codes is even more important in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. It stated that pre-engineered metal building manufacturers should be able to provide a company with detailed blueprints in advance for a company to obtain the necessary building permits in their area. The newly posted CDMG video also asks businesses to consider 'do they need to hire an architect for the project.' This is because although most steel building manufacturers can provide their clients with blueprints for standard metal buildings, an architect may have to work with them to come up with the necessary blueprints for more complex designs.

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Another question that steel building buyers were asked to consider in the video is 'where are all of the individual components for a steel building manufactured.' The video states that this is important because it's found that pre-engineered metal building components manufactured in the same facility tend to have fewer complications during the construction phase. This is because components produced in separate facilities sometimes don't mesh well as they are being assembled, and there may be possible delays in delivery schedules.

One question that was asked for consideration in the new YouTube video was, 'how long will it take to produce my steel building.' The video suggested that this answer could be as short as 4 to 6 weeks or as long as 4 to 6 months due to the complexity of the design. Answering this question will help companies make sure they have enough time to complete their particular metal building project. Lastly, the CDMG video asked metal building shoppers to consider whether they will hire an experienced crew to erect their new steel building or attempt to have an in-house crew put it together. It was suggested in the video that those companies that prefer an in-house crew to do this job make sure they purchase a 100% pre-engineered metal building so their crew will not have to do any complicated fabrications during the building process.

The Manager of Business Development for CDMG, Thomas M. Corry, said, "As one of the premier metal building suppliers in the nation, we at CDMG can meet any of our customers' steel building needs. This is due to our design team's ability to build many customizable options into our wide variety of metal building kits. That way, any company can have a steel building that meets their exact needs and helps them operate more successfully. Our high customer satisfaction rate also includes our sales team asking the exact same questions to our clients that are found in the video mentioned above. We encourage prospective pre-engineered metal building buyers to strongly consider the questions that our new video goes over." He added that they at CDMG truly believe that this video is a must-watch for any business that is contemplating a Metal Building Kit purchase.


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