New Brighton Counselling Blog Discusses the Benefits of Online Therapy for Couples Experiencing Relationship Difficulties

The Hove Counselling Practice has established a solid reputation in the Brighton and Hove area for helping people get through the challenges and personal problems that they face in their lives. This includes helping couples that are currently experiencing relationship difficulties. One of the easiest ways that couples having relationship problems can take advantage of the unique therapies this facility has to offer is by participating in its helpful online sessions. The Hove Counselling Practice believes so strongly in the benefits that online therapy offers to couples, that it even made this topic the focus of a blog article it recently posted to its website. This new blog titled ‘The 6 Benefits of Online Counselling and Therapy for Couples’ was written by Brighton and Hove-based counsellor and therapist, Claire Sainsbury, an experienced practitioner who has personally helped many couples resolve relationship difficulties through even the most challenging periods of their lives.

Sainsbury says, “Being in a relationship in the modern world poses many challenges that were not factors in relationships several decades ago. Add to that a life-changing virus that is forcing couples to learn how to navigate through spending unusually large amounts of time together, and it’s easy to see how couples can find themselves going through some very difficult times. What’s sad for me is seeing couples part ways before they give themselves a fighting chance to stay together. That’s why I took the time to write this new blog article. It points out some of the benefits that online therapy offers that can help couples overcome even the most difficult problems that they are currently facing in their lives.”

Brighton counselling and couples therapy

The first benefit of online therapy for couples discussed in The Hove Counselling Practice blog was that couples often feel more at ease when talking through their problems from a home environment as opposed to a therapist’s office. Couples also tend to show more transparency in this type of home-based online therapy session. Online therapy also tends to eliminate some of the roadblocks that are often associated with in-person couples’ counselling. This often leads to partners being able to better express their feelings which, in turn, also helps to create better understanding between them. Also mentioned in the blog is that online couples therapy helps partners identify relationship patterns, aberrant coping mechanisms, and interpersonal differences conducive to relational difficulties. The article also referred to the strict confidentiality in which information disclosed in a virtual therapy session is held, and how online therapy sessions have been proven to be just as effective for couples as in-person counselling.

Counselling online is also effective in terms of (i) guiding couples on how to compromise on the issues that would otherwise lead to dysfunctional relationships and (ii) teaching them how to avoid the traps that may incite relational discord in the first place. Those that wish to read this new blog post in its entirety can do so here at

Individuals who have sought relationship help from The Hove Counselling Practice have been extremely pleased with the results. Joannagh S. stated, “I would absolutely recommend Hove Counselling Practice. Claire worked with my partner and me on some issues we were having within our relationship. Claire is trustworthy, easy to talk to, and clearly an excellent counsellor.” Kieran B. commented, “I reached out to Claire as I was having some personal and relationship difficulties. She was very astute and identified the central issue on my very first visit. In fact, the problem I sought her help with turned out to only be a small symptom of a wider issue. She has been lovely throughout and has been challenging and encouraging in equal measure. I have found our sessions together immensely helpful and my confidence, marriage, family and professional life will be all the better for it. Something perhaps I should have done years ago. Highly recommended.”

Sainsbury also mentions that The Hove Counselling Practice is always ready to assist couples in getting through their difficult challenges. Their Brighton counselling, relationship help, and other couples support services are always available to be taken advantage of. Scheduling an online couples counselling session can be done by contacting The Hove Counselling Practice by phone, email, or by completing and sending the form at their website’s contact us page. She added that they are there to help not only couples in Brighton and Hove, but invited couples in nearby areas such as Preston, Kemp Town, Hollingdean, Whitehawk, and Withdean that are having difficulties to contact the practice.


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