New Braunfels & Selma Roofing Contractor Now Serving Seguin Communities

TX based New Braunfels Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. is pleased to announce that they have expanded their service coverage to include homeowners and businesses in the city of Seguin, Texas. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services that allow their customers to have all their roofing concerns addressed by a single provider. Gutter installation services are also available through this roofing contractor.

The vast majority of Seguin property owners understand that their roof is a vital part of any building’s structural integrity, and those who are not aware of this fact will often find out sooner or later. Every roof provides a layer of protection from the elements, and the company observes that a roof that is doing its job will go virtually unnoticed by the property residents up to the point it experiences some sort of failure. Whether this involves a leak or a more serious collapse, a roof that is not doing its job draws immediate attention. According to the company, the moment this happens is one of the best times to call a professional for help.

The right time to call a trusted roofer, the company states, is when nothing appears to be wrong with it. Roofs develop small imperfections over time, and having a team of experienced roofing contractors examine it on a regular basis can help these issues be identified before they turn into costly problems. However, the next best time to call a roofer is when a hole or leak is noticed — any small sign that the roof has suffered damage. This is often the stage where a relatively quick fix is possible, which would also inflict less damage on the owner’s finances and peace of mind.

Cool Roofs Inc. employs only the most high quality products in order to ensure their customers enjoy the benefit of durable and long-lasting roofs. Their team also consists of trained, experienced roofers who are passionate about their work and fulfilling their customer’s requirements to the letter. Furthermore, they understand that the roofs they work on contribute to their community’s safety and quality of life. As such, they take their duty extremely seriously.

A review left a short while ago by Linda Alexander sheds more light on the company’s work ethic and the quality of their services. Shared on the Google platform, where Cool Roofs Inc. boasts a full 5-Star rating (garnered over 130 reviews and counting), the review explains that the customer had, “two duplexes that needed new roofing, patio roof repairs and rotten wood replaced. I also had a few other additional items that I wanted taken care of. Cool Roofs Inc. came in and absolutely solved all our problems! Jay Evans is a great guy and a man of his word. His team did a great job on all issues. They stripped all the old shingles and felt, replaced the rotten wood and painted primer on it and cleaned up all the mess they made. They took care of all the issues I had. Jay came to give us a bid, we had two new roofs within a week.”

The reviewer also goes on to state, “I must say it was very refreshing to work with a company that was honest, did their job as it was stated in the bid and maintained total integrity throughout. I am glad I chose Jay Evans and Cool Roofs Inc. (out of three bids), and I’m sure that you will too!”

A more brief review from Jo Ann Barrera agrees with this statement, also giving the company a 5-Star rating and going on to say that, “I loved the super quick response from Kevin and his crew. They were very professional, the roof looks beautiful and the quality of work is so awesome. I will recommend this company to my family and friends.”

According to the company, customer service is at the heart of every action they take, and Seguin homeowners and businesses can expect the same foundation of honesty and transparency when they approach Cool Roofs Inc. for roofing assistance. Cool Roofs strives to be the best roofing contractor in Texas. Cool Roofs Inc. offers every customer a free estimate for all of their services, including roof installation, maintenance and more. Seguin customers are also welcome to contact Colt Moncla of New Braunfels Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. to follow up on any further inquiries. Learn more at the following link:


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