New Basement Waterproofing Business In Akron, Ohio

OH based Wise Waterproofing is pleased to bring their basement waterproofing services to Akron homeowners. Accordingly, they offer sump pump installations and repairs, french drains and downspout lines as part of their services.

Water that collects around a home’s foundation can cause several problems, eventually leading to a damp, wet or flooded basement. According to the company, this is usually caused by clogged drains at the base of the foundation. As the pressure on the soil and exterior walls of the home increases, water can make its way below. It is recommended that such issues be addressed as soon as possible since a delay can lead to much more costly repairs down the line. The company encourages their community to stay alert for signs of trouble, which may be represented by unexplained puddles forming in the basement, cracks in the walls and even mildew.

Owner of Wise Waterproofing

Fortunately, there are several ways to improve a home’s defense against the influx of water, the most effective of which are available at Wise Waterproofing. The company can inspect a property for vulnerabilities and develop a course of action that will rectify these problems. However, they acknowledge that certain homeowners may be skeptical of the need to waterproof their basement, perhaps erroneously believing that they are not at risk since there are not large sources of water nearby. Unfortunately, this is not quite the case.

Wise Waterproofing points out that it is not uncommon for basements to experience flooding during adverse weather. Heavy rain, for instance, can create the pressure required for water to penetrate below. The company adds that homeowners should not discount the negative effects of frost either, since this too is still water that can make its way into a basement. Akron is known for bearing the brunt of storms on many occasions, so it is in a homeowner’s best interest to make sure their property has the best chance of weathering such events with minimal damage. In fact, Wise Waterproofing is owned by Craigwise Construction and is a sister company to Craig Roofing. The company is pleased to share that customers can receive a discount if they bundle a new roof and basement proofing service. This will enable them to protect both the topmost and lowest areas of their house at once.

Homeowners are encouraged to look at basement waterproofing as an investment in their home. For one, eliminating the risk of flooding will mean that they can safely store items below or convert the basement into a fully functional room of its own without the chance of exposing their valuables and expensive electronics to water. On the other hand, waterproofing can act as a defensive barrier for the foundation of the home itself, and the company has witnessed many homes that became less stable as a result of water damage in their foundations. Instead of waiting for cracks and other signs to indicate expensive repairs are needed, Wise Waterproofing’s customers can take a more proactive, affordable approach.

Waterproofing a basement is also an investment in the overall value of the home itself. The company points out that untreated basements are less likely to sell well, especially if they are prone to recurring water problems. In addition to lowering the price, buyers will be less enthusiastic about buying the property at all since a history of problems tends to make a poor impression.

Buyers will also prefer to buy a house that protects them from the elements, and a basement that is known to flood repeatedly also poses a health risk due to mold. The company adds that this should be a deep concern to the home’s current owners as well, since it is unlikely they will be exempt from the effects. Mold can cause headaches, respiratory issues and a number of other unpleasant symptoms, so sealing the basement can eliminate this issue as well.

Wise Waterproofing invites their community to contact their team by phone or email in order to discuss their waterproofing needs. The company believes strongly in upholding a high standard of customer service, and they are always pleased to explain their methods to inquiring customers. Alternatively, those who are also interested in the service of Craig Roofing may learn more here: Roof Repair Akron.


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