New Alfa Romeo Stelvio Inventory For Sale In White Plains

NY dealership Alfa Romeo of White Plains is pleased to announce that they now have new Alfa Romeo Stelvio inventory for sale. The Stelvio had been unavailable for some time at the dealership, following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are delighted to share that this shortage is now at an end. White Plains customers who have eagerly been awaiting new inventory of this vehicle are welcome to stop by the dealership or contact them by other means in order to begin finalizing their purchase today.

Updated for 2020’s technological demands, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio combines jaw-dropping performance with the sleek and reserved style that is endemic to luxury sedans. This car is perfect for those who want to answer their practical necessities as well as give any onlooker an unmistakable first impression as they drive past. Alfa Romeo enthusiasts also consist of a diverse group of people, which is why the veteran Italian car manufacturer has taken it upon themselves to produce multiple trims for the Stelvio that each tackle a subset of driver expectations.

The all-new Alfa Romeo Stelvio starts at $41,400 (which is the MSRP for the base vehicle), but every trim has been exquisitely crafted to provide the stellar performance and luxurious environment that Alfa Romeo customers know and love.

However, the numbers can never quite get across what it means to drive such a vehicle, so interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with Alfa Romeo of White Plains and schedule their next test drive in order to experience the vehicle’s strengths for themselves. During this drive, they should also ask about the car’s Q4 all-wheel drive, active blind spot assist, traffic sign recognition and even the plethora of new safety and security features it boasts.

It is a hallmark of the auto industry and its associated reviewing bodies that drivers today have access to a veritable treasure trove of information on the various cars within their reach. While this may, on the surface, make it appear that access to such information would make selecting a car easier, any driver who has seriously considered their next vehicle will attest to being torn between two contenders (or more) up until the very last moment.

Competition between manufacturers is fierce, after all, and Alfa Romeo of White Plains would have it no other way. Then again, this may be due to the fact that they are confident the Stelvio will edge out ahead of virtually every other luxury sedan that dares to step in the same ring. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio, for instance, faces such a contender in the form of the Audi Q5. While the Audi Q5 is a beautiful car in its own right, Alfa Romeo of White Plains holds the firm belief that no driver would question the advantage of the Stelvio once they have the opportunity to drive one themselves. Some things have to be seen — or experienced — to be believed, however, which is why the dealership is more than willing to accommodate those who want to stop by the showroom and check the vehicle out for themselves.

As always, the car that best suits any driver is one that can harmoniously fit in with their existing lifestyle — or help them achieve the lifestyle they aspire to. Learn more about each car and compare their features at the following link: Alfa Romeo Stelvio vs Audi Q5.

Customers may also wish to inquire about obtaining a lease for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio instead of purchasing the car outright. This may be done for a variety of reasons, including testing the car out for a certain period in order to gauge how well it suits the customer’s preferences in addition to fulfilling their requirements. Whatever the reason may be, the dealership is pleased to assure their customers that any and all inquiries regarding a lease will be promptly answered to the best of their ability. Alfa Romeo of White Plains considers it their mission to connect their customers with the vehicle that is right for them, and a lease can be the best option in many circumstances.

Alfa Romeo of White Plains is currently running a special September lease offer for the Stelvio. Customers will be pleased to learn that this car can be theirs for only $349 a month for 36 months (and $6,378 due at signing).

More information can be found on the dealership’s official website, including details regarding the various models that are available and their associated pricing. Customers may also reach out to Leonardo Didonna of Alfa Romeo of White Plains if they have any inquiries regarding financing or the Stelvio lease offer for September.


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