New Addition: Zipscreen Blinds Now Available at Rolletna

November 2021 (November 2021) - External Zip Screen Blinds or Zip Blinds is the latest innovation in outdoor blinds that people can find in the Australian market. Rolletna is proud to announce that they are now offering this new addition to their range of curtains and blinds.

Zipscreen blinds are a great option for those who want their windows to stay closed during the day. These shades have zippers that go from top-bottom, but they also feature channels between each layer which helps them withstand winds and gaps at night - this means less light intrusion while sleeping. The latest addition to the range of Zipscreen blinds is their Acmeda Extreme system.

The conventional zip screen has been robustly designed for most external application needs, with a maximum width of 5 meters and a 3-meter drop distance. Still, it can be tailored specifically according to the client's requirements - 8 metres wide by 1m high or 15 square meters coverage area are all possible options.

Rolletna also have Markilux zip blinds available in their store. The innovative and sleek zip screen is a great option for those who want their blinds to be maintenance-free. It can withstand high winds, making it perfect in the most discerning buyer's eyes. They are made from durable materials with German engineering at their core. This cleverly balanced system ensures the user has an easy time operating their window covering with minimal effort.

For those looking for an excellent roof window but don't want to pay the price of Velux, this is the best choice. This product comes at an affordable cost and still has all the style one would expect from high-quality materials like German engineering. Customers can check out samples of their Zipscreen blinds through their website. It will demonstrate their ability to transform any outdoor space into an area that people enjoy through Zipscreen Blinds.


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