New ACP Painting Blog Discusses the Common Mistakes People Make When Cabinet Painting

ACP Painting has just posted a new blog that discusses the common mistakes people make when painting cabinets. They posted this blog article because they acknowledge that cabinet painting is one of the most difficult painting tasks that they do. That means if they as professional painters find it difficult to do, then that makes it a painting job that non-professionals will have a very hard time getting to come out looking good. If a homeowner still decides to do this type of painting job themselves, even with knowing how complicated it can be, the blog will alert them to some mistakes that people often make when painting their own cabinets.

This reputable Maricopa, AZ-based painting company was started back in 2005 by two brothers who are military veterans. Brother and co-owner, Russ Byers, says, “Painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets is one of the quickest ways to update the look and feel of those rooms, but it's something that’s probably best left to the pros. That’s because cabinets are extremely tedious to paint. Not only do they need to be meticulously prepped in order to get them to come looking nice, but they are also very difficult to paint efficiently with all the angles and other details that are found on them. The potential for mistakes when painting them are many and that’s why we dedicated an entire blog post to the most common mistakes people make when painting cabinets."

This new blog about cabinet painting mistakes starts by saying that the biggest mistake that someone can make when painting cabinets is to not remove the doors, drawers, and hardware. This just makes an already difficult task that much more complicated. If these cabinet parts are taken off beforehand, it greatly reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to paint cabinets. In the newly posted article, it also stated that when someone removes the cabinet drawers and doors it helps to label them first. That way slight differences in the door or drawer sizes or hinge placement will not complicate putting the cabinets back together once the painting work has been completed.

The article went on to say that not thoroughly cleaning kitchen or bathroom cabinets before they are painted is also a very big mistake. This is especially true in kitchens where oils in greases that fill the air can accumulate on the cabinet surfaces but are not visible to the naked eye. Anyone who has ever tried to paint a surface with oil on it knows how very difficult it is to get that coat of paint to adhere properly. The new blog also mentioned that sanding before painting is also a very necessary step in the process. Even a light sanding will help the paint adhere to the surface of the cabinets better as it will remove the clear lacquer coating and also ensure that the surface on them is very clean before painting.

In the new blog post, it also mentioned that some people do not do an additional cleaning of the surface on the cabinets after they have been sanded. This is a mistake because the debris and dust left on the cabinets will become highly visible when it’s painted over and result in a job that looks bad. The blog also suggested that not putting a new coat of primer on the cabinets before painting is also a mistake. Priming ensures that a fresh coat of paint will adhere to the new cabinets better and it seals any cracks in the surface of the cabinets. The newly posted article also stated other common cabinet painting mistakes include not allowing the cabinets enough drying time to cure properly before reinstalling and using them and using the wrong type of paintbrushes and other equipment to do the job.

Byers added, “If you live in Maricopa or the Greater Phoenix area and do not have the time, knowledge, or equipment to do cabinet painting yourself, that is a painting task that our experienced crews at ACP Painting can expertly get done for you.” For more information on ACP Painting’s cabinet painting or other services, Byers invites people to give him or his brother a call, send them an email, or click on the ‘request an estimate’ tab on their website’s homepage.


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