Netherlands 4 K Relaxation Film Shows Off The Country’s Best Views

Cornelia, GA based Destination Paradise is pleased to bring one of their most recent projects to the community’s attention: Netherlands 4K. The team makes it their mission to visit some of the world’s most beautiful locations to capture their sights and sounds in stunning detail. Eventually, much of the beautiful footage captured is shared on the Destination Paradise YouTube channel, which now proudly hosts a nearly hour-long video that explores the best of what the Netherlands has to offer.

As their name suggests, Destination Paradise has an innate love and respect for the vistas that can be found around the globe, and they do not restrict themselves to the most remote landscapes or wildlife. Beauty can be found nearly everywhere, and the crew trek all over the world looking for the most picturesque scenery to share with their rapt audience. Only two years old, the channel already boasts upwards of 800,000 views aggregated over more than 30 videos that combine jaw-dropping locations with serene, calming music. The channel has explored Aruba, Spain, Greece, Austria, Maldives and many other places, and they welcome any viewers who wish to enjoy this scenery for themselves. As always, the channel recommends that their audience opt to view these videos in 4k to experience the full effect.

Netherlands 4K

The Netherlands (also known as Holland) is a beautiful country in northwestern Europe with a population of less than 20 million people. Despite its size, however, it is home to some of the most iconic and beautiful locations in the world, situated across the North Sea from the UK and sharing a border with Belgium and Germany. It has many popular destinations that frequently make it into traveler’s bucket lists, not the least of which is its capital, Amsterdam.

The Netherlands is known for having the highest museum density in the world, and its capital is an excellent example of this. The country as a whole has nearly 1,000 museums but Amsterdam has a few notable institutions that visitors may be interested in, such as the Van Gogh Museum. However, as Destination Paradise’s video showcases, many of the best sights available can be found simply by walking through the city’s streets, visiting the shores of its lakes or even strolling by its dams.

Those who have visited in person, especially if they have ventured out of the cities to explore the countryside, will have come across Dutch polders, which are regions of verdant farmland left over from water being drained out of the area. A great deal of the land within the country, including its most populated parts, was once under water along its coasts and rivers. A multitude of dunes and dikes contribute to its ongoing protection from the surrounding water, offering travelers and online explorers alike a distinct view of Dutch history and architecture, a distinct blend of the old and modern co-existing harmoniously together. The ambiance of the county is unlike anywhere else in the world, making it a truly unique place to visit.

Videos of flowers and fields rarely miss a chance to take in Holland’s technicolor tulips, which have drawn legions of tourists for their spectacular hues and organized beauty. Many of these fields exist across the country but one prominent example of these fields are the Keukenhof Gardens (which are only open for a limited period during the year). However, the fields around the town of Lisse provide much of the same beauty a visitor or viewer could hope to catch.

Destination Paradise understands that many of their viewers will either want to relive their memories of a visit to the Netherlands or take their first look at one of the places they most want to travel to. Whatever the case may be, the channel seeks to fulfil this longing by capturing the country’s most scenic vistas in amazing 4k resolution, using high tech drones and camera equipment to bring these views to audiences that span the globe. Drones also offer an otherwise impossible view of these landscapes that most tourists would not be able to see in person, giving the channel’s viewers a deeply unique perspective of the country’s beauty.

The full Netherlands 4K video and many other nature relaxation videos can be found on the Destination Paradise Youtube channel. Those interested in contacting the team are also welcome to reach out to Greg Webster of Destination Paradise for further details.


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