Neighbors HVAC Discusses The Importance Of Professional HVAC Repair

Riverside, CA-based Neighbors HVAC would like to reach out to the wider public to emphasize the importance of professional heating and air repair services. The company hopes that this will encourage the public to have their units inspected by a professional before minor issues evolve into much larger and more expensive problems.

Many people experience issues with their furnaces and heaters at least once during the equipment’s lifespan. Having a defective heating system not only brings discomfort but also poses significant risks to a household’s health and safety. Due to his, a defective heater or furnace must not be ignored. Additionally, heating system issues only get worse and costlier over time. There are a wide variety of furnaces, and each one must be serviced in a specific manner. This is the reason why it is only necessary to hire a professional HVAC contractor, such as those at Neighbors HVAC, because they have the skills and experience needed to deal with a variety of heating issues.

As noted on the Neighbors HVAC’s website, it is highly recommended to deal with heating system issues as soon as they pop up — before they get worse. Although the actual remediation of heater problems is best left to the professionals (as this process involves dealing with gas lines and other potentially dangerous components), there are some symptoms that homeowners can look out for so that they can easily recognize developing issues with their heating system.

The first symptom is odd noises, such as whining, rattling and banging, that can be heard from the heating system, which usually occur when it is being turned on. The next one is the emission of cool air (since heaters are expected to emit air that is warm and comfortable). However, when these units emit air that is colder than expected, they probably have to undergo furnace repair. Another symptom of a defective heating system is insufficient airflow. A lower quantity of air emitted by heating systems is usually a sign that there are problems with certain parts, such as the fan of the system, or that there is a blockage or issue in the heater’s ductwork. Last but not least, when a heating system is working intermittently or does not turn on at all, there is no doubt that it needs professional repair and servicing.

Those who experience problems with their heaters or furnaces do not need to panic. Neighbors HVAC provides professional furnace repair and other related services for homes and businesses in Riverside County and the surrounding areas. They assure their community that their skilled technicians will be able to diagnose the problems and fix any issues immediately. The team of experts at Neighbors HVAC are able to deal with a wide variety of heating system problems, such as forced air gas furnaces, forced hot water gas boilers, steam gas boilers, radiant heating, gas line repair and so on.

Neighbors HVAC also offers repair services for air conditioning units. Air conditioning is very important for those who want to stay cool and comfortable during the brutal summer months. However, air conditioning units can be unreliable when they develop faults. In conditions where temperatures reach more than 100 degrees, it is important to make sure that air conditioning units stay reliable as a fault can lead to a full-blown safety risk. Neighbors HVAC offers air conditioning repair services so their customers can rest assured that their air conditioning units are ready to run and provide comfort when the summer heat strikes.

Neighbors HVAC has received great reviews for their services. Franklin Littler says in a review featured on the Neighbors HVAC website, “Our AC was blowing hot air in mid-summer, so we needed a fix fast. My technician was extremely knowledgeable and arrived on time as promised. He discovered a leak in the pipe that attaches to our AC unit and was able to fix it quickly and get us up and running again, thankfully. I won't hesitate to call Neighbors HVAC again for our yearly AC service.”

Marquis Oropeza says in another featured review, “The AC unit started blowing hot air on one of the hottest days in Temecula. I called several AC companies in the valley, and everyone was either busy or didn't return my call. These guys picked right up, and they were able to send Juan out the same day. They came and diagnosed the issue right away. The price was reasonable, and the repair was super fast. Thanks, guys!”

Homeowners experiencing issues with their heaters or air conditioning units may check out the Neighbors HVAC’s website for more details. They may also contact the company directly in the event of an emergency.


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