Neighborhood Exterminators Offering Pest Control Services to Los Angeles County

Superior Termite Control Pico Rivera has been flooded with business since the first day of opening their doors. The company has helped hundreds of people this week and have a lot of high star reviews to show for it. They say that the company’s goal is to make sure no one in Los Angeles County has to deal with the stress of rodent or pest infestations ever again.

The company has custom services that are specifically built for each species of pest. Their most popular services, so far, include termites, cockroaches, and bees. Their team has brand new, next gen pest control equipment and the president of the company goes to pest control seminars and workshops every year to keep up with the newest and most effective methods. Their team of fifteen exterminators are all highly trained in the field and have all been in pest control for at least eight years. Every one of them has a great attitude and strong work ethic.

The president of the business talked about the increase in business over just the last year. “Pest infestations are getting harder to treat because the pests are adapting to the everyday pest control methods. These methods include over the counter products like pest sprays and traps, and do it yourself methods.These methods don’t work like they used to and because of this pest infestations are rapidly growing.”

He then continued to say, “Professional services are becoming the only way to treat these pests so we understand the importance of our job. Our goal is to make sure we provide affordable and effective pest control treatments to any and every family in Los Angeles County. No one should have the stress of a pest infestation on their property.

The company has been helping hundreds of families in the past week and look to help thousands this month. Property owners can contact Superior Termite Control Pico Rivera if they suspect an issue with insects or rodents by calling them or visiting their website at

Their hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. Not only does the company provide custom services for each pest, they also provide emergency services and routine checkups to make sure the pests stay out in the future.


For more information about Superior Termite Control Pico Rivera, contact the company here:

Superior Termite Control Pico Rivera
Superior Termite Control Pico Rivera
8939 Gallatin Rd #66,
Pico Rivera CA 90660