Naturopath in Toronto Explains How Common Parasites Can Impact Health

naturopath toronto parasites infection

Naturopath in Toronto, Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, likes to make people aware of issues that can impact their health. A good example of this is his recent blog post that’s titled ‘How Common Parasites Affect Our Health: Our Toronto Naturopath Explains (Part I)’. It will help make people aware of the threats that parasites pose to their health and some treatments that might help them if they are experiencing parasitic-related health issues.

Dr. Caversan ND, says, “usually people simply do not like to think about or even acknowledge that parasites can invade their bodies and cause them health problems. The general population seems to think that parasites are a gross or taboo subject. But despite how people feel, parasite-related illnesses are a common occurrence and that’s why they need to be aware of them and they also need to know they can seek professional help if they suspect a parasite may be impacting their health. This is the reason that I took the time to write my latest blog on this very subject.”

The blog started by saying that naturopaths are aware of the health dangers that parasites present. It also pointed out that parasitic-related infections do not only happen to the underprivileged population that lack proper hygiene and sanitation facilities. They are a very real threat to just about anyone. The blog described parasites as organisms that live on or inside a host and there are only negative consequences that result from a host and parasite relationship. Dr. Amauri Caversan ND’s article also mentioned that when he manages patients with parasite-related health issues he does so by using naturopathic integrative methods combined with functional medicines.

Next, this new blog post went on to state that there are 3 main types of parasites. This includes protozoa. They are single-cell microbes that are equally suited to living as parasites or freely. These survive inside a person’s body through reproduction and are often associated with challenging gastrointestinal issues such as protozoa, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Another type of parasite that was brought up were Helminths which are disease-causing worms. The ones that are more familiar to people are tapeworms and roundworms. In the new blog, problematic Ectoparasites were also talked about. These are surface parasites such as ticks, lice, and fleas.

Dr. Caversan ND’s blog post also discussed some of the common symptoms that are related to health issues caused by parasites. These include skin rashes, weight loss or decreased appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, recurring vomiting, anemia, body aches, allergies, and prolonged periods of weakness or blah feelings. These occur as a result of tick-borne illnesses, gastrointestinal infections, and significant nutrient loss. It was also pointed out that parasitic infections can be tested for and treated. The blog ended by stating that one of the options for possible helpful parasite-related therapies is through the use of naturopathic herbal treatments such as those that the Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre offers. Often this is done through the combined efforts of Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND and Arv Buttar, NP.

A recent press release also discussed another latest article from this Toronto naturopath. This blog post was titled ‘9 Reasons Why to Consider Seeing a Toronto Naturopath’. In the recently-mentioned press release, it talked about how naturopaths take a holistic approach to healing that includes such things as helping patients with diet & lifestyle modification, possible disease & illness prevention steps to help manage chronic diseases. This Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre article also mentioned detoxification and IV therapy vitamin supplementation as potential ways to promote overall health and wellness. It was also reported in the blog that naturopathic treatment approaches and nutraceuticals may be able to help with food sensitivities and pain relief.

The blog ended by encouraging people to contact naturopaths such as Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND to help them achieve and sustain their optimal health goals or help manage current health conditions.

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