National Investment Firm Has Been Featured on Propane Supplier Website

National property investment firm Dependable Homebuyers has recently been featured on a national propane supplier website. They allow homeowners to sell their properties fast without having to pay any closing costs or other out of pocket fees. The company representative stated, "Our firm buys houses in any condition and at any price."

Dependable Homebuyers’ investment company is several years old and they have already flipped several properties in all 50 states and now they are expanding their operations. Homeowners are able to quickly liquidate their homes in days instead of months like when typically listing on the open market with a licensed real estate agent. Listing a home with a realtor is a drawn-out process that can take up to several months before the closing finally takes place, and there are a lot of challenges and obstacles that need to be hurdled before that can happen.

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They are able to purchase houses in as short as one week, without the home seller having to pay any fees. The company will take care of any kind of complicated real estate situation, including the presence of tax liens and the threat of foreclosure. Their team can also handle a dilapidated house that requires extensive repairs, bad tenants in a rental home, water bills, foundation damages, tax bills, code violations, and other title problems. They will buy any kind of house in any condition in Philadelphia and neighboring cities and suburbs.

Selling homes to local real estate investors has recently exploded in popularity because it provides a realistic method for homeowners who are in tough situations where they must exit the deal as quickly as possible before they incur more holding costs. A lot of sellers are stuck paying taxes, homeowner's insurance, utility bills, and other recurring charges and many of them simply wish to sell the home without having to pay any more money out of pocket.

Property investment companies flip houses for a profit, so homeowners can expect to receive offers that are roughly 30% below market value minus any estimated repair costs that are needed. Some sellers may initially think that this is too low of a price point to sell at, however, the risks of house flipping must be calculated before these types of assumptions can be made. Many house flippers actually lose money on deals which is why they have specific formulas that tell them exactly how much cash they can pay for the home while still managing their risk and remaining profitable at the end of the deal when the home is finally resold.

Real estate investment firms like Dependable Homebuyers provide a solution for sellers who want to quickly get rid of their homes and their services are becoming more popular over time. Homeowners can sell a property in as-is condition without having to make any repairs whatsoever. Investors will even buy homes with tenants or squatters still inside or properties that have extensive mold or fire damage. Some investment companies will even buy homes that have foundation issues, although a lot of cash buyers do avoid these types of homes.

Homeowners looking to get fast cash for their homes should visit and fill out the form on the homepage to get a free quote in less than 24 hours.

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