National Industrial Weighing Scales Leader Offers It's Services To Businesses In South Carolina and North Carolina

Fort Mill, SC based Superior Scale Inc. (SSI) is pleased to bring their industrial weighing scales and rental equipment to local businesses. Representing the top ranks of the industry in both South Carolina and North Carolina, Superior Scale Inc. is keen to show new customers why their weighing services and solutions are held in such high regard.

Superior Scale attributes much of their success to their ability to service a wide variety of customers in virtually any weighing-related capacity they may need. The company has performed industrial weighing services for customers from the following industries: food & beverage, vehicle & transportation, shipping & freight, concrete & asphalt, chemical, pharmaceutical & laboratory and more. According to their team, a customer can always expect to approach their representatives and have a satisfactory weighing solution ready by the end of their consultations. Superior Scale is confident that they can rise to meet any challenge no matter the commercial niche a customer may occupy.

Furthermore, the company recognizes that each business has unique needs, and no solution can be deployed on a universal basis. As such, this has the effect of making it difficult for certain customers to decide which weighing products best fit their requirements, especially if they occupy a relatively unknown industry and are just beginning to expand. Fortunately, SSI employs a fully-fledged team of experts who are accustomed to learning everything about a customer’s operations and systematically developing a solution that suits both their application and budget.

“Your time is extremely valuable to you,” observes Superior Scale, “so we make it our business to minimize how long you have to spend locating the tools you need. Our team has worked with countless customers from innumerable fields, and they have delivered on every occasion. When you approach Superior Scale for assistance, you can expect us to be with you at every step of the process, from helping you develop a solution that meets your operational needs to tailoring our products and services in order to stay within budget. Our foremost goal is always your satisfaction.” Learn more here:

The scales offered by Superior Scale come in several varieties, from forklift/pallet scales and floor scales to analytical balances, load cells, truck or rail scales and more. The company sells and supports products from many top manufacturers, including Rice Lake Weighing Systems, A&D Weighing, Avery-Weigh-Tronix and so on. SSI asserts that any recommendations they make will take each manufacturer’s individual strengths into account in order to comply with customer requirements.

Alternatively, customers may elect to rent scales and similar equipment rather than make an outright purchase, which can also be an inexpensive way to test the company’s solutions before adopting them completely. On the other hand, Superior Scale acknowledges that certain enterprises may only require scales or laboratory balances at infrequent intervals, making their purchase an unnecessary investment. However, this does not mean they should have to make do with substandard equipment. SSI is extremely competent at managing, calibrating and servicing the equipment they sell, and this expertise carries over to their rental options as well. As such, they can provide a full array of scales and balances from grams to 200,000 pounds.

Superior Scale highlights several benefits to renting — in addition to foregoing the initial investment of making a purchase, customers also do not have to concern themselves with maintenance costs or ongoing storage for equipment that does not see much use. SSI has also built a platform that allows customers to receive virtually the same support they would if they owned the equipment, including on-site training (as needed), the ability to request servicing and so on. Equipment may be rented for as long as necessary as well. Learn more here:

Notably, all customers should be aware that the company maintains standard business hours but is willing to accommodate jobs after hours in certain situations. Customers are welcome to contact Superior Scale Inc. for more information on this and any other concerns they may have. They may also visit the company’s official website to learn more about their products and services or request a quote. Similarly, they may stay up to date with the company’s latest news and announcements through their preferred social media platforms.


For more information about Superior Scale Inc., contact the company here:

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