Nation Warned To Beware Counterfeit Prescription Pills

Reseda, CA based The Discovery House (TDH) is taking steps to inform the public about the rising prevalence of counterfeit pills and their highly dangerous effects. Though the issue has been shown to be particularly problematic in the Pacific Northwest, with drastic increases in seizures and overdoses in the region, the organization states that the availability of counterfeit pain pills laced with fentanyl has affected the lives of people all over the US.

Fentanyl was initially created to help patients who were dealing with severe pain, and some of its properties made it an excellent answer for this problem. According to The Discovery House, it is a strong synthetic opioid analgesic that takes effect quite rapidly, and its pain-relieving action does not last too long (this makes it easier to control its effects in a medical setting). To give some perspective, the organization says that it is 80-100 times more powerful than morphine — and up to 50 times more potent than heroin. While it does not treat the cause of the pain a patient is experiencing, it is prescribed to mask their perception of it and help them relax. Fentanyl has been in use for decades, initially being prescribed in 1960.

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However, its pain-relieving properties are accompanied by other factors that make it a double-edged tool. For instance, TDH points out that fentanyl is a Schedule 2 drug, which means it can be used for medical treatment but is also known to be highly addictive in nature. Even a minuscule dose can prove to be fatal. Notably, however, an increase in fatal overdoses has been observed as a result of fentanyl being mixed into heroin.

The Discovery House is also warning their community to be wary of the increasing prevalence of counterfeit versions of amphetamines that are usually used to treat those with ADHD, narcolepsy and even asthma, such as Dexedrine, Ritalin, Adderall and so on. Many are likely to already be aware of the deep issues that stem from crystal meth, but the organization points out that an alarmingly large number of Ivy League college students (nearly 1 in 5) report that they use prescription amphetamines when studying. Whether an individual uses prescription stimulants or methamphetamine, they are at high risk for misuse and addiction.

“Many students, purchasing these drugs illicitly, have reported overdosing and health complications,” states The Discovery House, “leading authorities to discover that methamphetamine is being substituted in these prescription drugs.” According to TDH, amphetamines stimulate both brain activity and activity within the central nervous system, leading to a perceived improvement in the individual’s alertness. This may be accompanied by heightened motivation or euphoria, which also contributes to its addictive properties.

The Discovery House focuses on prevention and education, and their team aims to reduce the number of potentially lethal side effects from such dangerous counterfeits. The Discovery House’s Alumni program also provides hope for those still struggling with addiction. Their support is always available, and they welcome any inquiries from those dealing with an addiction (or even their concerned loved ones). As their patient testimonials attest, The Discovery House is fully committed to helping people reclaim their lives as well as steer clear of these dangerous substances altogether.

Among other advantages, TDH’s Alumni program gives patients access to an experienced support group (similar in some ways to AA, NA and so on) that they can lean on for encouragement, motivating them to stay substance-free. The program also allows them to get involved with (and give back to) their community through various activities. The Discovery House fully supports their patients developing friendships that last both during and beyond their stay, and the Alumni program is one way in which they help facilitate these connections. A strong sense of family and friendship, the organization believes, is an essential component in ensuring the longevity of an individual’s recovery.

A testimonial from Jacob O. shares that, “The Discovery House is an awesome place to get clean and sober and learn the tools you need to stay in recovery when you get done with the residential part of it. All of the staff there is extremely helpful and genuinely care about you and will help you out in any way they can. The food there is also amazing: three meals a day with an assortment of snacks at night. I highly recommend TDH for anyone who is serious about getting clean and starting their road to recovery.”

Further questions and concerns regarding fentanyl, amphetamines or any other substance (many of which can successfully be addressed at The Discovery House) may be directed to their team or Admissions Staff. More information can also be found on the official TDH website and social media platforms.


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