Nashville Chiropractor’s Advice on Calling Police After a Car Accident

Advanced Injury Care Clinic has published a blog post suggesting victims of car accidents should immediately call the police after the accident. A car accident does not forewarn before happening, leaving accident victims confused and traumatized. When some accidents are more than a minor inconvenience, Dr. Derrick Miller, DC, the top Nashville car accident chiropractor at Advanced Injury Care Clinic, advises, “If you've been in a car accident, it's important to contact a car accident doctor. It's not always safe to assume you don't need to call the police after an accident, no matter how minor it may be. Sometimes it's even state law to contact emergency personnel.”

Even a minor incident may require police presence to document everything and sort things out. The documentation could become crucial in the coming days, advises Dr. Miller. The Nashville car accident chiropractor suggests exchanging information with the other driver if the car wreck happens in a metropolitan area where the police cannot be sent to the scene of the accident. The details that both sides should share with each other include name and contact information, details of the insurance representative, insurance details and policy number, and license plate number.
According to the Nashville injury care clinic, the victim’s insurance company may ask for the police report, among other different things, when they file a compensation claim for injury and damages. It also helps to call the police to collect specific details about the incident. This ensures, says the Nashville chiropractor, that the victim has every detail to present to the insurance company, adding that the police report can help establish fault and settle a dispute.

Some car wrecks, says the Advanced Injury Care Clinic chiropractor, can get messy, especially due to weird situations or circumstances surrounding an accident. Police presence at the site becomes critical to investigating the crash. An accident report by the police becomes an important piece of evidence to cut through the mess.

The Advanced Injury Care Clinic chiropractor suggests seeing the doctor immediately who can prepare a medical report of injuries. This accident report comes in handy later when the victim tries to seek compensation for injuries sustained at the time of the car wreck. Dr. Miller says, “If you call law enforcement and they send an officer to the accident scene, they aren't going to arrive instantly, especially if the police department assigns it a low priority. It isn't completely out of the ordinary for the police to take an hour or more to arrive on the scene. You have to wait for the police, but what should you be doing while you wait?”

The Nashville chiropractor suggests calling 911 and going to the emergency room in case of an injury. It is also important to protect the scene, assess the situation, help the injured, investigate the scene, and gather evidence, adds the chiropractor, without speaking too much to anyone present at the spot.

The victim should speak only to the police officer about the accident and share information that they ask for, leaving the rest of the communication to the attorney. Dr. Miller suggests seeing a car accident chiropractor to diagnose and treat injuries. The team at Advanced Injury Care Clinic is experienced in treating auto accident injuries. They focus on coming up with an accurate diagnosis and treatment program for victims of car wrecks in Nashville. Their chiropractors customize treatment programs for patients and prepare a detailed medical report on their condition.

It's important to get in touch with the police right away after an auto accident. It is equally important to visit a Nashville car accident chiropractor to rule out any serious injuries and begin treatment as soon as possible.

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