Nashville Car Accident Chiropractor Warns About Delayed Injury Symptoms

Nashville based Advanced Injury Care Clinic has posted a new blog post, emphasizing the need for car accident victims to focus on injury symptoms right away. Many injuries do not show up immediately after an auto accident, says the Nashville car accident chiropractor, stressing the need to seek medical help without any apparent symptoms or pain. Unlike a fracture, laceration, or other major external injuries, some injuries are hidden and take time to show up without having any immediate symptoms. Seeing a medical professional is the best way to record and report any injuries suffered in an accident, stresses the Nashville car accident clinic.

“You also need to stay alert for signs of an injury that show up hours or even days after your accident. A full physical examination from a chiropractor may find injuries before the symptoms ever appear. This will allow them to start treatment right away before the injury progresses.”

Some injuries have delayed symptoms, says the chiropractor in Nashville, advising accident victims to look for such signs and report the same to the doctor. Sadly, some life-threatening injuries remain dormant and worsen for weeks before showing up in the form of symptoms. This includes soft tissue injuries and internal bleeding. An accident victim may be in shock, confusion, and disorientation for a number of days that numbs the pain feeling after a car accident. According to the Nashville chiropractic care clinic, it is important for accident victims to identify such signs and shock symptoms, such as rapid pulse, cool, clammy, ashen, or pale skin, change in mental status, agitated feeling, rapid breathing, difficulty in breathing, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, dilated pupils, and a feeling of fatigue or weakness. Medical attention is advisable for anybody experiencing such symptoms after an accident.

The blog post identifies some common symptoms of a hidden injury after an accident. This includes headache, back pain, neck or shoulder stiffness, tingling, numbness, and behavioral changes. Be very mindful of these symptoms, advises the auto accident doctor in Nashville, adding, “if you notice any of them at any point, visit a car accident chiropractor as soon as you can."

Paying attention to these symptoms can help auto accident victims in Nashville to seek immediate medical help. This also ensures, notes the leading chiropractic care clinic, that the victim does not end up with a chronic condition later due to delayed signs.

A Nashville car accident doctor is the best person to diagnose symptoms and document injuries as soon as they happen. Victims need to have updated medical records to file a compensation claim against the at-fault driver.

“You could have sustained numerous injuries that just aren't showing symptoms yet, and they might not show up for days or weeks.”

Any victim of a motor vehicle accident in Nashville should see a medical professional immediately. The experts at Advanced Injury Care Clinic have many years of experience in treating accident victims and documenting their injuries using medical records for legal matters. A victim of an auto accident seeking medical help can check the Advanced Injury Care clinic website for a free consultation at


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