Naperville Shipping Store Warns Community About Porch Pirates

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Naperville, IL — With the busiest shipping time of the year quickly approaching, it won’t be uncommon to start seeing packages stacked up against front doors or sitting on porch steps. Unfortunately, this also means that package thefts will be on the rise. The Boxes Etc., a Naperville shipping store, is sharing the statistics surrounding the uptick in package thefts to keep their community informed as well as providing a few ways to outsmart “Porch Pirates” this holiday season.

As e-commerce spending continues to skyrocket, porch theft is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. According to the 2020 Package Theft Statistics Report published by Chicago-based C + R Research, “the number of respondents who reported having a package stolen rose from 36% in 2019 to 43% in 2020. And of the 43% who have had a package stolen, almost two-thirds (64%) say they’ve been a victim of package theft more than once. Nearly half (47%) filed a police report once they discovered their package had been stolen. The average value of the stolen package was $136, but thankfully, 81% say they received a refund on the stolen item(s).”

The good news is that there are preventative measures that can be taken to help safeguard packages. For instance, the convenience of package tracking now makes it easier than ever to have an estimated time of arrival of the package plans to either be at home to retrieve the package or for someone else to be there to do so. The professional shipping team at The Boxes Etc suggests an alternative option; to utilize the mailbox rental service at a local pack and ship store. This way, packages can be signed for and kept safe until they are ready to be picked them up.

For those who are looking for other ways to increase the security around their home, consider investing in door-mounted cameras with motion detectors built-in or lockable boxes (that can be anchored to a porch). These boxes allow delivery employees to open the container with a combination provided in the delivery instructions. Other alternatives would be instructing that packages be placed behind a planter, under a bench, at a back door, etc.

As an authorized shipping center for FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL, the team of shipping experts at The Boxes Etc. have the experience and knowledge to ensure that each delivery arrives at its destination on time and in one piece. The pack and ship store provides several services, including gift wrapping, notary, copying, document shredding, and more. For more information about The Boxes Etc. or their services, give them a call at (630) 717-1351 or visit their website at


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