Naperville Shipping Store Highlights UPS Ban on Vaping Products in the United States

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Naperville, IL – The Boxes Etc. is a Naperville shipping store highlighting the United Parcel Service (UPS) scheduled ban on vaping products in the United States (US) network. The ban is set to start on April 5, 2021, and will include all e-cigarettes and vaping products. The controversial product has been a hot topic around the nation for a while now and UPS is the latest carrier to make a shipping decision regarding the product.

As a result of the ban, UPS will also be canceling all business accounts that are solely dedicated to shipping vaping products. The ban will include both import and export shipments entering and exiting the US. Any prohibited shipment of a vaping product will be subject to a $150 prepackage fine and continued violation of the new UPS policy will also lead to further consequences including termination of services. 

The definition for a vaping product under the standards set by UPS includes, “Any product intended for human consumption by inhalation that relies on vaporization or aerosolization.”

The new ban comes as federal and state laws regarding vaping items are rapidly changing around the country. The new laws and shipping bans are no surprise as the products just entered the market only a few years ago and lawmakers, as well as shipping companies, are starting to establish policy based on ongoing research.

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