Naperville Pack and Ship Center Highlights World’s First Zero Emissions Cargo Ship

Naperville pack and ship center

Naperville, IL. - A Norwegian company has designed and created the world's first zero-emission autonomous cargo ship, according to a Naperville pack and ship center. A Norwegian company built the Yara Birkeland as the first zero-emission autonomous cargo ship in the world. This year, the ship will launch its first journey without a crew between two Norwegian towns.

The movement of the ship will be tracked by three onshore control centers. Yara International designed the Yara Birkeland to lessen nitrogen oxide emissions, which are toxic pollutants, greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide while moving freight away from roadways.

In 2010, the International Maritime Organization determined that shipping was responsible for up to 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Jon Sletten, Yara's plant manager for Porsgrunn, expressed delight that the ship will transport 103 containers, reach a top speed of 13 knots, and feature batteries that are 1,000 times as powerful as the ones in an electric car.

Comparatively to conventional cargo ships, crewless ships could reduce operating costs as well. The technology will enable human loading and unloading initially, but eventually, all loading, discharge, mooring, and berthing, and unberthing will be able to be automated. Sletten said the technology will eventually eliminate the need for humans. In order to fulfill the project, Norwegian maritime authorities established regulations to permit the first autonomous ship to operate in Norwegian waters.

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