MyLocal Adopts Locafy To Boost SEO Efforts

Norfolk, UK based MyLocal is excited to announce that the company has signed up with Locafy, an SEO platform. MyLocal looks forward to utilising every advantage this revolutionary, accessible platform offers in the near future, and they are currently in the process of moving their existing clients over to the Locafy system. Learn more about Locafy at the following link:

“Locafy delivers better local ranking results faster than any other method and does so at a very competitive price,” states Thomas Olesen of MyLocal. “We’ve already witnessed first-hand just how powerful this tool can be, and we will soon be using it to expand our customer base.”

Olesen explains that the company saw numerous advantages to using Locafy, one of the most prominent of which is its ability to quickly ramp up a business’ presence in search results within a given area surrounding its location. The system works for both businesses with physical premises and service area businesses, and the net result is that a business using this system will pick up the majority of the sales enquiries from Google searches in its area. This is because, after a short period of time, the business will be at the top of search results for their search terms over a much wider geographic area.

MyLocal is itself an SEO agency that is always looking for the upper hand in local search engine optimisation. As they and others in the industry have known for quite some time, businesses that rank below the first, second or third position on a search results page typically do not see any engagement at all. Most search engine users will either find what they are looking for among these three results or give up and attempt to use a different search term to get what they are looking for. As such, a business that ranks poorly on a search results page will likely see little to no business engagement from their website and overall online presence. Learn more about MyLocal at the following link:

Furthermore, the agency explains that businesses tend to rank well for searches conducted in their immediate vicinity, but their customers tend to be farther away when they are looking to do business, so they can be effectively invisible. Customers are often willing to travel some distance to consume the product or service they are looking for, so this means businesses are at a disadvantage if they cannot organically be discovered by such searches.

MyLocal can solve this problem by ensuring that businesses receive more sales enquiries from interested parties. Their team specialises in what is known as ‘off-site’ SEO (search engine optimization that does not directly involve the client’s website), but they actively partner with each client’s webmasters during a project. Given their vast experience in the field, MyLocal can make recommendations for these webmasters to implement on their respective websites that will complement MyLocal’s own efforts.

The agency’s efforts touch on an area known as Local SEO, which is distinct from SEO as a whole. Search engine users who submit location data as part of their search terms, for instance, will receive results that are directly related to that area. Search engines may offer local search results for certain terms even if a location is not specified (based on the user’s IP address or smartphone/tablet location), especially if these products or services are generally purchased only from nearby businesses. As an example, few people looking for a barbershop will want results on the best barbershop in the world if it is based in another country altogether, so search engine algorithms will favour businesses that offer such services in the user’s vicinity.

A competent and experienced SEO agency, however, can either boost a client’s representation in a given area or help them compete against other businesses that have similar offerings. To learn more, businesses are advised to contact Thomas Olesen of MyLocal to schedule a consultation. The agency uses proven technology (which abides by Google’s best practice standards) to help their clients improve their online visibility and draw in more customers. With Locafy, they can do even more, and client reactions to the Locafy system have already been extremely positive. Follow the company’s latest announcements here:


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