MyBiosource Inc Traces the History of the Pandemic

MyBiosource Inc, a company based in San Diego, CA, has recently released a blog post that traces the history of the pandemic. This is an outbreak of a disease that has had an impact on an entire country or the whole world. It is not possible to determine how many pandemics had occurred throughout the whole history because of the lack of records before the Common Era or CE or AD. A total of 20 disease outbreaks that can be considered as pandemics have occurred. There is a subtle difference between an epidemic and a pandemic. An epidemic is an outbreak of a disease that affects a significant percentage of a population while a pandemic is an epidemic that has travelled to a place it was not expected to, such as to another country.

The Antonine Plague is the earliest pandemic on record that is based on the records of the physician Galen. It occurred in 165 CE and was believed to be a disease that was related to measles or smallpox. This disease was believed to have killed about five to 10 million, Gauls, Romans and Germans. The disease was brought back by the returning soldiers from Turkey or Egypt.

The Justinian Plague occurred in 541 CE and was caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis. It was named after the Byzantine emperor Justinian I who got the disease and recovered from it. This is considered as the First Plague by historians.

Next is the Japanese smallpox epidemic in 735 CE; the Black Death in 1347 CE; smallpox pandemic in 1520 CE; the Italian Plague in 1629 CE, which is also known as The Second Plague; the Great Plague of London in 1665 CE; the cholera pandemics in 1817 that affected India, East Africa, almost every country in Asia, and the Mediterranean; The Third Plague in 1885 that is believed by the WHO to have been finished only in the 1960s; the Yellow Fever pandemic in the late 1800s; the Russian flu in 1889; the Spanish flu in 1918 that was caused by the flu virus H1N1; the Asian flu in 1957 that was caused by the flu virus H2N2; the Hong Kong flu in 1968; the HIV/AIDS pandemic that began in 1981; SARS in 2002; swine flu in 2009; the Ebola pandemic in 2014; MERS in 2015; and COVID-19 in 2019, which is still currently ongoing.

With intercontinental travel commonly used, it has become much easier for bacteria and viruses to spread. Meanwhile, the success of the flu vaccines in controlling the Hong Kong and Asian flu indicates that vaccines may be the best weapons against pandemics.

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Those who would like to know more about the history of pandemics and the various research reagents and kits can check out the MyBiosource Inc website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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