MyBioSource Inc. Shares Survey Results On COVID - 19 Vaccine Incentives

San Diego, CA based MyBioSource Inc. is disclosing the results of their recent survey on COVID-19 vaccine incentives. They have also published this information in an infographic on their official website.

The company states that there are currently about 100 million Americans who are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, but have still not received their jabs. This is despite the fact that there have been several public service announcements that vouch for their safety and effectiveness. This seems to indicate that additional encouragement is needed to convince Americans to get vaccinated. One of the options that can be considered is a cash incentive, but there are questions of whether this would be effective — and how large the cash incentive should be.

Numerous surveys have been conducted to answer these important questions, and results show that around a third of the unvaccinated population says that they would be more likely to get their shots if there was a cash incentive involved. For example, Minnesota saw 30,000 people sign up for a program that gave a $100 incentive for individuals who will receive their first dose of the vaccine between July 30 and August 15. Other states are following suit. West Virginia governor Jim Justice recently announced that there would be a $100 savings bond incentive for individuals aged 16 to 35 who will get the COVID-19 shot.

MyBioSource Inc. also conducted a survey throughout the United States to identify what Americans think about such COVID-19 incentives. The survey was administered to around 3,000 respondents from all across the country through Google surveys. MyBiosource Inc. found that 45% of Americans think that there should be a cash incentive for unvaccinated individuals who will get a shot. Out of the respondents, around 57% of the vaccinated individuals believe that having a cash incentive for vaccination is not fair. This stance makes sense as those who have already been vaccinated did not receive any cash incentive. Around 61% also believe that if a cash incentive will be given to individuals who will receive their first dose, then there should also be an incentive for those who have already received theirs.

There is also the question of how large the cash incentive should be. Each state has its own opinion about just how much unvaccinated individuals should receive for getting vaccinated. Some states believe that the cash incentive should not be too excessive. For example, Utah believes that the cash incentive should only be $77, while Arkansas says that it should be $99. There are also states that want to see a larger cash incentive — such as Minnesota and Alaska, which both believe that the cash incentive should be $259. Once the average has been taken, MyBioSource Inc. found that Americans think that the cash incentive should be $182.

The company also asked what other options might increase the likelihood of an individual getting vaccinated. Results show that 46% of unvaccinated Americans will be more likely to get vaccinated if wearing a mask will not be required after their shot. 49% of all respondents also believe that vaccination rates will rise if unvaccinated individuals are barred from going into public spaces. Those who wish to see the results of the survey conducted by MyBioSource Inc. in greater detail may do so here:

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