Muskegon Wildlife Control Company Advises Residents to Be on the Lookout for Wildlife in Their Homes

Holland, Michigan -

Best Way Animal Removal, a pest control & animal removal company based in Holland, MI, is advising residents of Muskegon, Michigan, of the increase in activity of animals in the area, Nuisance animals, such as bats, moles, raccoons, squirrels and skunks, can get inside the home and bring diseases with them and may also cause damage to the attic and other parts of the home. Winter season is the start of the mating season for squirrels, while for raccoons it is during late winter. Skunks may also be more active during the winter season, spraying their unwanted odor in various parts of the home once they are able to gain entry.

The team of professional wildlife control technicians from Best Way Animal Removal are ready to get rid of bats in the attic, moles destroying your lawn, squirrels in the attic, skunks under decks & stoops, raccoons in the attic, and other wild animals in Michigan that may have gained entry to a home or building in Muskegon, MI and surrounding areas.

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Jack Waterway from Best Way Animal Removal says, “It is important to know that Muskegon Michigan nuisance animal activity is rising. Nuisance wildlife in the attics are the main concern because of the risks of animals causing damages to the home and bringing diseases. Raccoons and squirrels are the common culprits when it comes to animals getting inside homes. They can cause damage to the home as well as present disease, especially in the case of raccoons. Skunks are also active since they are entering mating season, frequently spraying during this process, causing undesirable odors in various parts of the home and the yard. Fortunately, our experienced animal removal technicians are ready to remove these animals from your home and while complying with the wildlife laws in Michigan.”

Squirrels in the attic can become a nuisance for the home if they are able to gain entry, possibly causing damages to wood and even electrical wires that may result into a fire. If tree branches are too close to the home, squirrels may find a way to get inside the home and they will likely build their nest somewhere in the attic. They can be very noisy at night, especially during the winter, which is their mating season. And while they are usually passive, they can become aggressive when they are taking care of their young.

Raccoons in the attic are also like squirrels and can also be a nuisance, possibly causing damage to the home, and even turning over garbage cans in their search for food. And although raccoons may look cute and loveable, they can become aggressive and can attack people and household pets, if they think their young are being threatened. Animal experts from Best Way Animal Removal will readily determine those areas around the home that are the favorite places of raccoons.

Bats in the attic can become a severe problem despite their size. Bats present both damage and disease. As carriers of rabies, bats can and do bite. Bat droppings presents the risk of histoplasmosis as well if the spores in the bat guano are inhaled. Bat exclusion in Muskegon Michigan to remove bats from home is essential to keep people and pets safe from the hazards that attic bats present.

Skunks are also becoming more active during this time of the year as they approach the start of their mating season. They are likely to mark their territories with their well-known unwanted smell. If they are able to gain entry into a home, the home can smell terrible, especially if the skunks mark their spaces on concrete, which is porous and tends to help the smell linger for a longer time. Skunks are also known to carry disease-causing germs that can be particularly dangerous to pets, and even humans.

Moles can also become active during the winter season, since their mating season usually starts in January or February. Moles can be a nuisance because they tend to do a lot of digging and may damage lawns and yards. Animal experts know how to use traps to remove moles from a particular yard.

Best Way Animal Removal has been offering Muskegon wildlife removal, mole trapping and bat control services for over 21 years. They are ready to provide assistance to residents on preventing common pests, such as bats, moles, raccoons, bats, opossum, skunks, and other wildlife from gaining entry into the home, business, or yard and set up their nests and cause damages. They also specialize in preventing reenty with animal proofing, and wildlife and bat exclusion.

Those who are interested in learning more about the pest control and wildlife services offered by Best Way Animal Removal can check out the Best Way Animal Removal website, contact them through the telephone or via email.


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