Muse Treatment Covers Demi Lovato on Addiction Recovery and the Aftermath of DMX's Fatal Overdose

Los Angeles, CA - Drug addiction is far from limited to those who are “down on their luck”. Many celebrities and public figures find themselves struggling with a wide range of addictions. Muse Treatment, an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles is helping to shed light on the prevalence of substance abuse and addiction in the entertainment industry in the hopes of helping all people avoid the fate of many who have succumbed to the consequences of addiction.

Most recently, highly acclaimed rapper, songwriter, and actor DMX (Earl Simmons) lost his battle with a long cycle of addiction, recovery, and relapse. DMX’s first encounter with crack cocaine was at the age of 14 in the mid-80s, as he was first beginning his music career. His mentor at that time offered him a blunt that was laced with cocaine, unknown to the teenage Simmons. From that moment on, he was repeatedly exposed to various drugs and quickly developed an addiction. Over the past three decades, DMX was hospitalized multiple times due to overdose and had openly and publicly made efforts towards recovery. In 2017, he canceled a series of upcoming concerts so he could return to rehab. DMX was determined to dedicate himself to his family and children. Though he maintained this determination and made efforts, he was not able to overcome addiction in the end.

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DMX was pronounced dead on April 9 after spending a week on life support in White Plains Hospital in New York, following yet another overdose. DMX’s death led to a number of celebrities speaking out about their own struggles with words of encouragement and realization. Among them is Demi Lovato.

In March of this year, Demi Lovato released a 4-part, unfiltered documentary on YouTube that candidly explores her struggle with substance abuse and her cycle of recovery and relapse. The documentary goes into great detail about every moment of Lovato’s journey and includes interviews with friends, family, employees, and even the doctor who stabilized her after an overdose in 2018. Within the documentary, she also warns against some of the most dangerous drug combinations and shares advice to help guide people towards recovery.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Lovato expressed very plainly that DMX’s situation could have very easily been her own if she had not committed years to her recovery process. Her overdose in 2018 occurred after 6 years of sobriety. Without proper support and continual dedication, the potential for relapse remains. After her 2018 relapse, Lovato found herself using, and becoming addicted to, drugs that she had never tried before that time.

Demi Lovato says she’s now experiencing “survivor’s guilt,” asking herself the hard question of why she was able to survive her overdoses when others were not. She says she copes by reminding herself that “every day is a day that someone else doesn’t get, every day that I’m here on this earth is a day that I need to be counting my blessings and… live the best life that I can possibly live, knowing that others didn’t get the same chance.”

Demi Lovato’s documentary “Dancing with the Devil” is coupled with a new album by the same name. Her mission is to provide transparency, hope, and optimism to the many people who feel their current addiction is impossible to overcome.

Muse Treatment provides high-quality addiction treatment in Los Angeles CA. They are dedicated to guiding individuals to fundamental change and lasting recovery. Their compassionate recovery programs offer individualized support, a comfortable atmosphere away from triggers and temptations, and all the tools and resources required to help people achieve a healthy, sober life.

In Demi Lovato’s words, “You don’t have to be at rock bottom to take care of yourself.” If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, the staff at Muse is available 24/7 to provide support and begin the process of getting into treatment. Call 800-426-1818 to learn more and get back to living a happy and fulfilling life.


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