Mummy's Miracle Celebrates Parents Day With Relationship Insight

Casselberry, Florida based Mummy's Miracle Baby Skincare recently celebrated Parents Day by exploring the crucial nature of a parent-child relationship in a blog post on their website. This post, which is currently available for all interested parties to read, was originally sent to all subscribers on the company’s Newsletter Email. This made it more likely for the post to reach its intended audience: parents and first time parents who are always looking for better ways to connect with their children.

Mummy's Miracle Baby Skincare states, “While all parents have been children at some point, the memories of their childhood don’t always translate perfectly into adulthood. Much of our memories fade as we age, and what we do remember will also become less reliable with time. This is why we encourage all parents in our community to take the initiative and learn what they can from experts in the field wherever possible. What we feel as parents is undeniable, but it never hurts to have a little help as well when our children are most likely to benefit from it.”

With this understanding, the company took it upon themselves to carry out some of this research on their own and turn it into a more digestible format, which is where their Parents Day blog post comes in. As it notes in its opening statements, “Parents are among the most important people in our lives, especially in a child’s life. However, the word “parents” isn’t exclusive only to our biological mothers and fathers, but also other people who guided us all throughout our lives. During birth, children rely on their parents to get the love, care and attention they need to be happy, healthy and to grow and develop well.”

A well-established parent-childhood relationship, the post continues, is the bedrock upon which a baby’s emotional, social and physical development grows. This time of their life is of vital importance because it can define much about the child’s future, including their personality and overall behavior, which in turn influence the choices they make throughout their lives.

Mummy's Miracle lists several advantages that are more likely to be observed in a child who is raised in such an environment. For one, young children who develop a positive and loving relationship with their parents are likely to take these lessons to every other person they meet over the course of their lives, enabling them to seek out and build fulfilling and joyous relationships. Parents who engage with their children in a productive manner will also teach them to approach difficult choices and other stress-inducing situations with a more level head. These children will often make better progress with their academic pursuits as well, supported by an innate ability to communicate their desires and goals in a healthy manner and work alongside others in a synergistic fashion. Parents who have not yet subscribed to the Mummy’s Miracle Newsletter are welcome to find this post among their blogs to learn more.

The post adds, “Children need reassurance more than adults, they need to constantly feel loved and secured. Make it a point to let them know you love them as they are growing up, no matter their age. Even amid disagreements and misunderstanding, make them feel that you love them unconditionally. Treat every interaction as an opportunity to connect with your child.”

These interactions will influence how the child in question engages with everyone else in their life. As such, their parents should take this opportunity to establish a healthy manner of communication and instill certain habits that the child can rely on in most circumstances. This includes setting boundaries (with rules and consequences), listening and empathizing with the child (helping them learn from their mistakes and offering support) and encouraging them to tackle problems by themselves wherever possible.

Parents are invited to read the blog post in full to learn more, and they can subscribe to the Mummy's Miracle Baby Skincare Newsletter through the company’s official website. Joining the Newsletter Email List offers numerous benefits, including exclusive discount codes, 1 week heads-up for upcoming sales and programs, the ability to shop ahead of everyone else with the code, an amazing series of blog posts, offers and deals.


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