Multi Family Property Appraisals Needed as Rent Control Ordinances in the Twin Cities Are Expected to Affect Valuations

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, a residential, commercial & industrial appraiser based in Roseville, MN, wants to point out that the newly passed rent control measures in both Saint Paul and Minneapolis, although with substantially different approaches, are expected to affect valuations of multi-family properties and this makes it necessary to consult with experienced multi-family property appraisers. While the policies and procedures have yet to be developed, it is certain that the valuation of such properties will be affected because of the new ordinances. Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has the necessary experience to provide the needed adjustment in the valuation of this kind of properties in the Twin Cities.

Clark Goset, real estate appraiser and owner of the company, says, “Our goal is to provide high-quality appraisals and consultation services to our clients that will empower them to make smart business decisions. As real estate appraisers, we take special pride in our ability to develop coherent, concise reports with both speed and precision. Our experience positions us as experts in each market serviced, and the ability to provide value-added customer service through our knowledge of the unique characteristics and circumstances of each Minnesota neighborhood that we serve. Through our dedication and competent service we plan to justify further the friendship and confidence of our clients. To that end, we will constantly strive to contribute toward the improvement of our community, state, country and real estate industry.”

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services is committed to always providing unbiased performance of their services. However, they will always consult with the client and offer professional advice on the relative strength of a certain appraisal that is provided by other parties. They can also offer additional research and analysis to either support or discredit particular assumptions or conclusions. With their proven capability to handle any type of appraisal task, clients can be sure that their appraisal values will stand up under the most rigorous examination.

They have already provided hundreds of commercial and industrial property appraisals in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and all around the state of Minnesota. With their extensive experience and knowledge, they are ready to serve the appraisal requirements of the retail real estate market. The kinds of properties they have appraised include: corporate & industrial; heavy & light industrial; office buildings; office/warehouse; office/shop; manufacturing facilities; public & private projects; shopping malls; parks; destination resorts; auto service stations; hotels/motels; restaurants; golf courses; auto dealerships; developable land; partial entitlements; marinas; retirement & nursing; homes; agricultural lands; multi-family projects; and government buildings.

They also have experience in assisting clients with different kinds of legal issues, including: easement disputes; stigmatized property condemnation and eminent domain cases; estate settlement; bankruptcy, lean striping etc.; divorce, partnership, marital dissolution, taxation issues etc.; litigation support; construction defect, or physical obsolescence; title flaws; municipal assessment; insurance disputes; loan underwriting; estates and probate; relocations; eminent domain takings; retrospective appraisals; and foreclosures.

They are capable of handling all kinds of requirements for retail real estate appraisals. Retail real estate has to do with commercial establishments that build and develop properties that are for shopping and entertainment. This includes malls, clothing shops, florists, retail stores, and many more. The retail sector provides services that include leasing, buying and selling, renting, and managing retail real estate.

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has more than 40 years of experience in providing appraisal services in Minnesota. They are able to operate virtually for the whole state and offer appraisals for all kinds of industrial, residential, and commercial properties. They have a proven track record of objectivity, assuredness and impartiality regarding appraisal fundamentals. They have complete understanding of the present real estate market and the professional expertise that is needed for all appraisal requirements. They are certified and licensed in real estate appraisal and valuation and they can offer expert witnesses for local, state and federal court hearings. They are committed to providing accurate, professional and timely appraisals.

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