Moving Belongings to Cyprus From the UK is Made Easier With PSS International Removals

As with many preferred destinations for UK Expats around the world, Cyprus has seen the number of UK Expats wishing to go there dwindle significantly over the last few years because of the ongoing pandemic. But that trend is now greatly reversing itself and one company that is stepping up its game when it comes to helping UK Expats move to Cyprus is PSS International Removals. PSS is a removal company that has been helping customers move overseas for many years and will provide assistance for large household removals as well as small moves. More information about the company can be found here:

Liam Witham, CEO of PSS International Removals, says, “If you have ever been to Cyprus or seen videos or photographs of it, then you would realize why it’s such an ideal spot for expats from the UK to relocate too. There is just so much to like as far as the overall beauty and lifestyle that this pristine Mediterranean island offers. Our removal services will assist with moving personal belongings to Cyprus and will be a big help towards starting your new life abroad."

Moving to Cyprus

The number of UK citizens visiting Cyprus is on the rise. An article by Schengenvisa says that yearly arrivals of foreigners to the island are back up to almost 80% of their pre-pandemic levels of almost 4 million people. This article also pointed out that once again that those from the UK will make up the highest percentage of people looking to visit Cyprus with a figure of around 39.2%. PSS will be able to help those looking to relocate to Cyprus permanently by providing a removal service that is stress-free and cost-effective

Customers can receive a quick quote in less than 60 seconds by using their online cost calculator. However, for a more accurate quotation, customers are recommended to book a home survey with an international removals surveyor who will calculate the cost of the move based on the volume of goods being sent to Cyprus. Alternatively, customers can book a video survey.

Other services include a dedicated move manager who will guide customers through the process of moving to Cyprus and provide assistance with customs clearance and documentation. Customers also have the option of using a sea freight service or an air freight service for moving personal belongings. Air freight is recommended for customers looking for the quickest service to Cyprus, and sea freight is recommended for customers looking for the cheapest option.

Customers also receive a packing service with belongings being carefully wrapped by a packing team. This service is especially important for delicate and fragile items, as well as furniture. Customers will also receive packing materials and boxes which are double walled for extra strength and durability when being transported overseas.

The company has received many positive reviews for the services they provide. A previous customer commented, “Speedy, friendly, and efficient removals process! Would highly recommend it as a stress-free experience!” Another satisfied customer proclaimed, “They were always super friendly and helpful, and were very prompt with all the paperwork I had to fill out. They were always happy to answer any and all questions I had...I have nothing but good things to say about their customer service."

Customers can receive a free quote today by visiting their website Customers can also contact the company by email or by calling 0800 988 3711 to receive further information about moving overseas.


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