Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Helps Motorists Understand Risks On The Road

The Brown Firm, based in Cumming, GA, is taking measures to raise awareness of the leading causes behind motorcycle accidents in the US and what riders should do if they are involved in a collision. While the firm stands ready to push for compensation on any client’s behalf, they urge the motoring public to learn about the potential dangers they face on the road. The Brown Firm hopes that this insight will help motorcyclists and drivers alike stay safe during their trips. Learn more here: Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

“Motorcycle accidents happen out of nowhere, resulting in catastrophic injuries and even death,” says the firm in a recent blog post that aims to shed more light on the subject. “Because you lack the surrounding protective structure other vehicles have, you are more likely to suffer severe or fatal injuries when you're involved in an accident. There is no such thing as a minor motorcycle accident.”

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The post adds that motorcyclists are 27 times more likely than people in a passenger car to die in a car crash per mile traveled — and five times more likely to suffer an injury as well. These statistics are among the primary reasons why the firm advises its community to learn more about the topic before they take to the roads once more.

Among the reasons for motorcycle accidents listed on the blog are cars making left-hand turns, hazardous road conditions, motorcycle lane-splitting, reckless driving (including speeding and alcohol use), and so on. A more comprehensive list of these reasons can be found in the post, along with additional explanations regarding their circumstances.

Regarding cars that make left-hand turns, the post says, “These accidents are pretty common among passenger vehicles as well, but the smaller size and the less visibility with motorcycles make these accidents even more common. In a vast majority of these cases, the vehicle making the left hand turn will be found at fault for the accident.” As a result, motorcyclists are advised to be extra vigilant when in this position. Notably, there are also certain conditions under which the motorcyclist could be found at fault, such as if they were speeding or were in the wrong lane. In any event, following an accident of this type, they should find a lawyer who can help them determine the party at fault and what paths now lay open for legal redress.

On this note, those who wish to seek counsel from a lawyer after a motorcycle accident are welcome to contact The Brown Firm at their earliest convenience. In fact, the firm advises their community to get in touch as soon as possible once any immediate medical issues have been attended to. This will give them the best chance of taking quick action in order to collect any necessary evidence as well as capitalize on other opportunities in the case that may not be applicable once some time has passed.

While the actions of other drivers are often the culprit behind accidents involving motorcycles, The Brown Firm urges their community to remember that this is not always the case. Poor road conditions, for instance, can create incredible dangerous environments for motorcyclists (even if a car would be able to recover from similar challenges). Slippery or uneven surfaces and debris in the path of traffic (especially at night) can lead to accidents that motorcycles are far more vulnerable to than other vehicles on the road. The post points out, “Again, because motorcycles are so much smaller than passenger vehicles and don't have as much stability, they are more susceptible to unsafe road conditions.”

However, the leading cause of motorcycle accidents, according to the firm, “is the failure of other motorists on the road to detect and recognize motorcycles on the road.” Given their size and a number of other factors, the firm observes that even the most conscientious motorcyclists would not be able to avoid an accident if other vehicles do not register their presence. This ultimately means that motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in accidents even if they take every precaution against this possibility. In turn, their only path forward in such situations will likely be to pursue compensation for the damage to their property and health.

The Brown Firm in Cumming, GA is eager to work with clients who wish to pursue the compensation they are due following an accident caused by another party’s negligence. As such, accident victims are welcome to get in touch with Harry Brown Jr., DC, JD of The Brown Firm to follow up on any further inquiries or discuss the particulars of a potential case. Similarly, the firm can be reached through their social media platforms.


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