Motor City Disposal Now Providing Dumpster Rental Services In Sterling Heights, MI

Roseville, Michigan based Motor City Disposal is reaching out to the local community to share information about their services. The company is considered by many to be Metro Detroit's most trusted dumpster rental provider. More information about the services offered by Motor City Disposal can be found at the following link:

Jason Stupera of Motor City Disposal says, “If you are carrying out any project that requires waste disposal on a large scale, it would probably be wise to rent a dumpster. With Motor City Disposal, you can order a dumpster of any available size, and we will have it delivered to your very doorstep the same day or next day. Whether you have a small DIY project or a major residential demolition or renovation project, you can rest assured that we have got you covered. Our dumpster rental services are affordable and cater for homeowners, businesses and contractors in Roseville and the surrounding areas.”

Dumpster Rental Sterling Heights MI - Motor City Disposal

Anyone who is interested in booking a dumpster from Motor City Disposal has two options. They can either call the company and rent a dumpster, or more conveniently, they may visit the company’s website and use Motor City Disposal’s secure online reservation system. This will enable them to make a quick and easy booking for the right dumpster. With this method, no one will have to spend time on a call or experience any uncertainty about their reservation.

Motor City Disposal offers two main sizes of dumpster to their community. The first is a 10-yard dumpster that can hold about four times the load a regular pickup truck can hold. The second option is a 20-yard dumpster, which holds 8 times a pickup truck’s capacity. According to Motor City Disposal, both dumpsters can be used for either residential and commercial jobs, depending on the size of the projects. The company assures that both sizes can easily fit into any property no matter the space available. However, if a client has a need for other dumpsters, Motor City Disposal can provide those as well.

The services provided by Motor City Disposal have earned the company a lot of praise from their customers. On the Google platform, the Sterling Heights dumpster rental expert has a perfect 5-Star rating, aggregated over 100+ reviews. Cathy Erickson writes in their review, “Motor City Disposal was awesome! The service was professional when ordering the dumpster, and the price was reasonable. The 10-yard dumpster was just right and served our needs. Just gave them a call the day before, and the dumpster was picked up the next day! Really liked the look of the dumpster. The one delivered was classy.”

In another review, Dale Jewett writes, “Great business to deal with, as the whole process was no fuss/no muss. It's great that you can select a dumpster, schedule delivery and pickup and pay for the service all online. Even with the incredibly short driveway at my house, Jason was able to safely place the dumpster where it was easiest for me to load, and the unit was promptly removed when I was done. The all-steel unit was clean and looked brand new, unlike many of the plywood-sided units you commonly see. I whole-heartedly recommend this business to anyone needing a dumpster.”

Stupera says, “We have been in the business for a while now, and we can confidently say that we know what we are doing. No matter what kind of dumpster services you might need, you can rest assured that we can take care of it for you. Our reputation and competitive pricing speak for themselves. If you are unsure what kind of dumpster you need or what size of dumpster you need, we will be glad to help you figure that out as well.”

Those who want to learn more about Motor City Disposal and their services are welcome to visit the company's website. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Jason Stupera directly via email or phone. Alternatively, Motor City Disposal can be reached through the contact form on their website. The company also maintains a social media presence across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and more.


For more information about Motor City Disposal, contact the company here:

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