Montreal Countertop Experts Receive Yet Another 5-Star Review

Granite Prestige is a custom countertop contractor in the Montreal, Québec area that continues to grow its reputation. Along with that, they have received many highly favorable reviews on their services. The company was so proud of one of the most recent 5-star reviews that it received, they wanted to share it. Those at the company feel that the glowing reviews that they receive are a direct reflection of the effort, expertise, and pride they bring to their craft.

In the above-mentioned review, Any Maserejian proclaimed, "Wow wonderful service and beautiful products! We updated our kitchen counter to granite and it looks beautiful! Thank you to our salesman Mr. Mauro and the installation by Patrick and Yanni was precise, clean, and very professional! Thank you." This review can also be seen as a part of a video review selection that can be seen on the company’s website.

The sentiments that Ms. Maserejian expressed in her glowing review have also been shared by others that have had new kitchen countertops installed for them by the company. Grace Melchior stated, “You guys did an amazing job from start to finish. I know we were picky when choosing our slab and you guys were very patient and helpful throughout the whole process. I am definitely recommending Granite Prestige to my family and friends.” Sergio Pedicelli wrote, “Excellent service. Installation was done beautifully and they were very punctual and fast. The price was also very reasonable and fair. I highly recommend them.”

Mathieu Ballerini, the company’s production manager, says, “The glowing reviews that we receive on our services are a great source of pride for all of us. We use them as a measuring stick to make sure that we are exhibiting workmanship and customer service characteristics that are meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. Even in the rare event that we get less than a 5 out of 5-star review, we make sure that we take note of the customer's concerns in an effort to continuously improve our service.”

The company’s production manager says that their history of receiving highly favorable reviews goes back to 2008 when they first started in the business. It’s the way those at the company approach their work that sets them apart from their competition. He says that they offer complete solutions for their customers' commercial and residential countertop needs. This includes everything from measuring to manufacturing to installation. It all starts with their expansive showroom that nicely displays their countertop offerings in a manner that will help their customers make informed purchasing decisions. Ballerini mentioned that their goal is to not only offer quality countertop products but to also price them affordably and get them professionally installed in a short amount of time. He says that all a customer has to do is bring them a rough sketch of their countertop dimensions and their staff will help that customer choose the appropriate countertop material, give recommendations on the edge shape, and provide them with a detailed estimate that includes everything about the project.

Ballerini stated that their customers will get to choose from several different outstanding countertop options. This includes granite, marble, and quartz countertops. These are some of the most durable and good-looking countertop options that are available. Each is also fairly easy to maintain and is manufactured by a well-known company in the industry. He says that part of the reason that their services are so highly reviewed is that they refuse to install anything but quality countertop products. The company’s services are not limited to just installations either. They also offer manufacturing, delivery, and countertop measurement services. According to the company’s production manager, they will even make custom cuts for their customers and help with any countertop polishing needs that they have.

Those in the Montreal area that are interested to learn more about the countertop options that Granite Prestige offers can call them, send them an email, or they can fill out the form that’s found on their company website’s ‘contact us’ page.


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