Monterey Tree Service Experts Removes an 80-Foot Montezuma Cypress in 2 Hours

Monterey, California – Yesterday, Monterey Tree Service Experts impressed a homeowner after bringing down a mature Montezuma cypress safely. After completing the tree removal procedure, the tree service company proceeded to remove the stump together with its roots. The entire procedure took less than 120 minutes to complete.

“The Montezuma cypress had been on this landscape for over 100 years,” said Jackie, the homeowner whose Montezuma cypress was removed. “This had given the tree enough time to maximize on both its height and trunk diameter. The tree was 80 feet tall and had a trunk diameter of 38.1 feet.”

Monterey Tree Service Experts

“Because of the trees large size,” added Jackie, “everyone had expected Monterey Tree Service Experts to spend the entire day on the tree. The company, however, had a nice surprise for the entire family – they finished the entire project, including cleanup procedures, in less than 2 hours.”

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To understand how Monterey Tree Service Experts managed to remove Jackie’s huge tree in such a short period, reporters contacted the company’s CEO. The CEO noted that his Monterey tree removal team is armed with modern tree service tools. He also added that the team is very experienced. According to the CEO, when put together, experience and advanced tools make the most complicated tree service procedures easy.

“Cutting through the 38.1 feet trunk may have appeared complicated,” the Monterey Tree Service Experts CEO told the reporters. “However, armed with power cutting saws, the company’s tree removal team managed to cut through the trunk in minutes instead of hours.”

“The tree stump may have looked like a big deal,” said the CEO, “However, Monterey Tree Service Experts has invested in advanced stump removal machines. Instead of digging around the stump manually, the team used an automated machine to dig and pull out the tree stump.”

The chief of field operations noted that the company’s ability to complete complicated procedures quickly helped Jackie spend less money on the entire project.

“If the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Monterey spent the entire day on the project as Jackie had estimated,” said the chief of field operations, “she would have paid thrice the amount that the company charged her yesterday.”

The chief of field operations proceeded to explain that the cost of professional tree services in Monterey changes depending on the time needed to complete a specific project. He noted that a project that would take 7 hours to complete will always have a higher cost than a project that takes 1 hour to complete.

“Last year, the company conducted a survey to determine why some homeowners were using DIY tree service instead of working with a team of qualified professionals,” said the chief of field operations. “The survey revealed that cost of tree service was one of the main reasons why homeowners would ignore professional service – which is safer and more beneficial – and instead go for substandard DIY tree service.”

According to the Monterey Tree Service Experts CEO, one of the ways that the company could reduce its cost of tree service without suffering losses was to work faster. Working faster required modern tree service tools. For the past 10 years, Monterey Tree Service Experts has reportedly been purchasing modern tree care tools to achieve optimum speeds when handling tree care procedures.

“When the company arrived on the worksite,” said Jackie when reporters asked her about the machines that were used to remove the Montezuma cypress, “they had a crane, ropes, a bucket truck, a wide variety of safety tools, and modern cutting tools. Working like a well-oiled machine, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals safely removed the 80-foot tree without touching the house that was approximately 10 feet away.”

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