Moms On Call: Experts For You To Partner With In The Parenting Journey

Moms on Call helps parents navigate their child’s first four years with confidence, clarity, and better sleep. Their practical guidance is offered through a full collection of trusted resources including books, online courses, apps, an expansive online knowledge center, curated shop, and a network of certified consultants. Moms on Call’s methodology eliminates the guesswork and endless internet searches through its judgement-free, proven, and easy-to-follow guidance. Parents can learn more by browsing the company’s Knowledge Center at

Laura Hunter, LPN and Jennifer Walker, RN, BSN worked as pediatric nurses when they came up with the idea for the company. They took after-hours patient calls for a busy pediatric practice in Atlanta that served over 9,000 patients. In their experience, they noticed that they were answering the same questions and concerns repeatedly because parents were all wondering about the same things. Laura and Jennifer wondered why there was no straightforward, practical resource available to answer these questions that every parent had. So, they decided to create one. Using their experience as pediatric nurses and moms themselves, they created a simple and easy-to-follow guide that addressed parents' most common curiosities and concerns. The positive response from parents was overwhelming and their guide quickly grew into a library of resources including 3 books, 3 online courses, 2 apps, a curated shop of baby products and a flourishing network of certified consultants. Since 2003, their resources have helped over 500,000 moms and dads across the world parent with confidence (and more sleep).

Moms on Call’s CEO Morgan Eddy says, “The first four years of a child’s life are incredible but can also be very intimidating. There is a seemingly endless amount of information out there that overwhelms parents and overcomplicates this beautiful stage of life. Jennifer and Laura have used their vast experience to create resources that provide parents with practical guidance in simple, easy-to-follow formats. From helping babies learn to sleep through the night to answers about common illnesses and when to call (or not call) the doctor, Moms on Call’s resources help parents thrive through parenting, rather than just survive it. They have armed countless parents with knowledge that has helped them navigate the first few years of their child's lives with less fear and more enjoyment. Head to to find out how we can make your parenting journey easier and less stressful. You can also follow us on instagram at for tips, tricks and the latest news about our services and products.”

Laura Hunter is a mother of five, a pediatric nurse with over 25 years of experience, an entrepreneur, an author, public speaker and a highly sought-after infant-care consultant. She has an international following and a deep desire to inspire and encourage parents. Jennifer Walker is a mother of three, pediatric nurse, public speaker, infant and toddler care consultant and author. Jennifer has over 25 years of pediatric nursing experience. She has equipped many parents with practical advice and inspiration for the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Moms on Call provides several free resources to help parents learn about their methodology and everything that can be gained from it. Their books, online courses and favorite baby products can all be found and purchased on their website at Moms on Call’s best selling products are their collections that bundle together their online courses, books and baby products. Available baby products include swaddle blankets, pacifiers, bottles, and sound machines. Parents can purchase products individually or as a discounted bundle.

The company also offers the Moms on Call Scheduler app that helps parents implement predictable routines that match a baby’s natural rhythms, promoting great feeding and sleeping habits. Another app from the company, Toddler by Design, lets parents take a short quiz based on their first-of-its-kind SMART paradigm that will determine their child’s unique design (Social, Movement, An Engineer, Rule Follower or Touch). The app helps parents understand how their child’s design affects general life and offers tips for things like sleep, tantrums, feeding, and potty training.

Parents can sign-up for a newsletter on the company’s website that curates the best parenting advice and mails it directly to their inbox. There is also a contact form on the website for making inquiries about the company’s services and products.

All the digital and physical products that the company offers are available for sale at


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