Mold, Mildew Removal are Important Services Offered by Popular MN Cleaning and Restoration Company

Prior Lake, MN - Spring cleaning is the perfect time to remove dangerous mold and mildew from homes and SOS Cleaning and Restoration is ready to help.

Prior Lake, MN based SOS Cleaning and Restoration has been busy helping clients remove mold and mildew from their properties this spring. Unseen water damage, excessive moisture, and neglected floors and walls are all factors that lead to the buildup of this very serious problem which can damage structures as well as our physical health. It is important to remove it right away when discovered and the SOS Cleaning and Restoration are experts in this area.

Mold removal service Prior Lake MN

Mold will generally appear with 72 hours of the occurrence of a flood, plumbing leak, or some other type of water damage, and the effects can be felt quickly. Coughing, wheezing, irritated skin, eyes, and throat are common indicators of the presence of mold, as well as nasal stuffiness in family pets. Mold can, unfortunately, thrive in any place excessive water or moisture collect, including inside walls, beneath carpets, and inside duct systems.

As serious as the problem may be, mold and mildew are thankfully quite simple for SOS Cleaning and Restoration. With proper training and equipment, their team will remove any mold or mildew buildup quickly and affordably, and have served as a trusted partner within Prior Lake and outlying communities for years, even when the company was still known as Floor Restore MN.

“It’s really important to attack mold and mildew quickly,” co-owner of SOS Cleaning and Restoration Stacey Buckingham says. “Left unchecked, even for a short period of time, mold will absolutely destroy an entire room and cause massive damage that is far more expensive than simply having it removed. Of course, it is also very important to consider the health risks associated with letting mold exist, which can carry long-term effects as well.”

Although SOS Cleaning and Restoration offers mold and mildew removal services year-round, Buckingham says spring cleaning presents a good opportunity to thoroughly check and be watchful. Look behind shelving, inside cupboards, and pay attention to discoloration in walls, floors, and ceilings. These are prime locations for mold and mildew to begin growing and do not hesitate to call SOS Cleaning and Restoration at the first signs of this very serious problem.

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