Mold Inspection and Testing Company in Atlanta, SafeAir Mold Testing Receives Another 5 Star Review

Atlanta, GA based SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection Inc. recently received yet another five star customer review, praising the company’s services and thoroughness. This locally owned and operated air quality testing company is the premier mold inspection and testing company in Atlanta. With decades of experience and the latest equipment it’s no wonder why clients continue to trust SafeAir for their inspection needs.

In a recent review, the company received on their Google My Business Profile, R. McCanless describes his experience with SafeAir Mold Testing saying, “Highly recommend SafeAir. Phoned to have an inspection and the appointment was scheduled for the next day. Jeremy arrived on time and explained each step of the testing process. Results were emailed back within a few days. Jeremy was very professional and punctual.”

Jeremy Shelton Uses Thermal Imaging During a Mold Test

SafeAir is one of only a handful of mold inspection companies with more than 75+ 5 Star Reviews. Reviews from customers like Mr. McCanless are a regular occurrence for the company. In another recent review customer, Angela Strong said, "Contacted SafeAir to discuss possible mold contamination. Outstanding professionalism and addressed all concerns in my home. Furthermore, I requested an appointment on short notice and was given the opportunity to promptly schedule. Excellent customer service!”

Every member of the SafeAir Family takes responsibility for the type of service that they provide their customers, as each review is seen as a recommendation to a family member or friend and furthermore provides valuable feedback as to how well they are doing as a company. Owner, Jeremy Shelton, states, “Having had my own health issues with toxic mold, I’m extremely passionate about helping others address their issues. There’s nothing more important than the air we breathe, and knowing what’s in it and how it impacts our daily lives is valuable information. Unlike many of my competitors I have extensive training as a Microbial consultant, which allows me to provide actionable steps to my customers.”

Hiring SafeAir over a competitor or DIY Kit, is important for homeowners to consider, as there are a million ways to contaminate and misread lab samples. Without a scientific understanding of the particulate in the air, homeowners can be tricked into costly remediation, or worse, living in a contaminated space.

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