Mold Abatement St Louis Company Discusses the Importance of Fast Mold Removal

Pride Cleaning and Restoration, Inc is a company that has been helping people in the St. Louis area do important cleanup tasks since 1987. This includes establishing a solid reputation for being mold abatement St Louis specialists. Mold is something that can silently but effectively cause structural damage to homes and businesses and even impact the health of family members and workers. This is why mold needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible and this company has the experienced personnel and top-of-the-line equipment to do exactly that.

Jim Seubert, the company president & owner, says, “Mold remediation is one of the most difficult tasks that we here at Pride Cleaning and Restoration, Inc do. That’s because all it takes is a very small amount of moisture for mold to grow in an obscure place where it’s hard to find and clean up. Fortunately, our experienced cleaning techs know how to identify mold growth areas in any home or business and then effectively eliminate them. I also need to emphasize that the faster someone calls us to take care of a mold problem for them, the quicker we can resolve that problem and help prevent any further health or repair issues that too often accompany the presence of mold.”

mold abatement st louis

The company owner went on to say that most people are familiar with the potential health problems that mold can cause. It can be especially harsh to those that have allergies that are accentuated by mold growth. There are also some forms of mold such as black mold, that can even cause more serious health concerns. He says that more and more medical experts are identifying health problems that potentially can be traced to prolonged exposure to mold. Seubert added that what many people are unaware of is the extreme amount of damage that mold growth can cause to a home or business. As long as mold has moisture being fed to it, then it will continue to spread and do damage. He stated that the presence of mold can have a big impact on such structural components of a home or building as flooring, framing, joists, drywall, and even foundations. When it’s allowed to spread, it can even affect furniture, carpet, drapes, clothing, and any other material that can be ruined or damaged by prolonged exposure to mold.

Seubert also mentioned the several different ways that they can help their customers with mold problems. This includes eliminating the presence of mold from a home or business through the use of advanced mold remediation and mitigation treatments. He added that they are a St. Louis area mold remediation company that has also had great success when it comes to eliminating more difficult to get rid of black mold spread. This reputable mold remediation company also offers a wide variety of mold damage repair services including wood flooring repair. The company owner says that their mold remediation services often accompany another of their specialties which is water damage restoration. They also do fire damage restoration, duct cleaning, biohazard cleanup, storm cleanup, and offer a variety of other cleaning and contents management services too.

Those that have used Pride Cleaning and Restoration, Inc’s mold removal and other services have been very impressed with the work that was done for them. Merlin Sneed wrote in his 5-star review, “Very helpful and knowledgeable restoration company. They never cut corners and inform you exactly what needs to be done. They also don’t try to charge extra costs for services that are not required as some companies do. If I ever need this sort of service again, this is the company I'd call!” Williemae Sexton stated, “Very nice group to work with including Jim, Susan & Michelle. It was easy to see these guys have worked together for a long time and have lots of experience. Once I hired them, I knew I had made the right choice.”

Seubert reminded that their services are available 24/7, 365 and that they have a BBB best rating of A+. He also attaches a personal guarantee to all of the work that they complete. For more information on this well-established St. Louis mold abatement company, interested persons can contact them by phone, email, and website contact form.


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