MN Remodeling Experts Share Insight On Maple Grove Bathroom Renovations

Maple Grove, MN based Uneek Design Build & Remodel is reaching out to the homeowners in their community in order to shed light on the various options they may consider when pursuing a bathroom remodel. Given the scope of such projects, the company seeks to give homeowners the information they need to make intelligent and productive decisions with their contractor.

Should further assistance be needed, Uneek Design Build & Remodel’s team is on hand to provide homeowners the benefit of their personal experience and skill in the field. More information regarding the company’s staff and services can be found at the following link: Uneek Builders - Bathroom Remodelers.

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Also known as Uneek Builders, the company observes that the sheer size of the investment and effort required to renovate a home’s bathroom is balanced by it potentially providing a healthy return on the initial investment. Whether the homeowner has cause to carry out a remodel or simply wants a change of aesthetic, the company states that there are several major considerations that may help them come to a decision.

Many will know, for instance, that a remodelling project designed and carried out by experts can increase the value of a house, making it both more attractive to buyers as well as more likely to fetch a higher price when the time comes to sell. Uneek Builders adds that many people actually prefer to have a nice bathroom, and this aspect of a house’s interior is often one of the biggest factors they will consider before deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Buyers have been known, they say, to walk away from a house that otherwise suited their needs and preferences simply because its bathroom had dated fixtures or was non-functional.

According to the MN bathroom remodelers, a remodel may not be performed for aesthetic reasons alone. Safety tends to be a massive concern in any home, and this can be particularly true in the bathroom, especially if the residence is home to elderly inhabitants or those who require assistance. “The resale value of your home will not really be affected if you choose to make a few additions that preserve the safety of you and your loved ones,” says the company. “With that in mind, you should feel free to make any additions you believe are necessary.” Such additions can take the form of a shower seat, handrails, non-slip tile flooring or even a zero-threshold shower. Homeowners are welcome to consult with Uneek Builders in order to look up what other additions they can make to improve the safety rating of their bathroom.

Similarly, older bathrooms may not be as energy-efficient as they should be. Bad lighting fixtures, excessive water usage and so on can make a relatively large impact on any homeowner’s energy and utility bills in the long-term, making it vital that they remedy such problems sooner rather than later. Remodeling a bathroom for this reason also presents the perfect opportunity to have energy-efficient showers, sinks, toilets and other fixtures installed at the same time. Certain homeowners will also appreciate the chance to improve their older bathroom’s circulation, making it less prone to mold and mildew in the future.

Uneek Design Build & Remodel is known for the high quality of their services among their customers, and this is evident in the glowing praise they receive in online reviews. A 5-Star Google review from Debbie Johnson says, for instance, “Uneek Design is a superior company to work with from start to finish because they actually care about your project and want to help you achieve your goals.”

The review continues, “Sarah was excellent in asking the right questions as well as listening to our concerns after six estimates we were not satisfied with. This was on first call, and Derrick was out to look at the project within two days. He actually built the new deck the way we would have done it ourselves, only with updated information on footings that would work with our damp soil. Plus, he got our deck up, start to finish, in six days, and one day was just him dropping off materials. I would say from all our experiences with contractors that there is no other better or more qualified than Uneek Builders! We were pleased and did not have to monitor the project. Go here, hands down!”

Learn more about Uneek Builders by visiting their website and other online resources. Homeowners may contact Sarah Langva of Uneek Design Build & Remodel in order to follow up on any inquiries as well. The company’s expertise in the field makes them the perfect space planner for a homeowner’s next bathroom remodel.


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